Andre not too offensive at Alabama

By Kevin Powell  |   Thursday, August 10, 2006  |  Comments( 1 )

Alabama Crimson Tide
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One might expect the No. 2 draft prospect in America and the No. 1 offensive lineman to come across as a little arrogant, even arguing he had the right to be if he so chose. But, for Alabama's Andre Smith, humility is the way to avert a sticky situation.

Rewind a few years ago when Wallace Gilberry was a freshman for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Bay Minette, AL native came in with a cocky attitude ready to make sure each of his teammates knew who he was. When some of his teammates got tired of his motor-mouth attitude, they taped him up from head to toe after one fall practice. This served as an example to the future players; if you are a standout it will show on the field, and you won't have to tell anybody about it.

When you are 300-plus pounds and can move like he can, you don't have to talk very much. You can just leave it all on the field.

Smith reported to fall camp 15-20 pounds heavier than he needs to be. He attributes the extra weight to all the recruiting visits he had. "All that steak and shrimp every night," he said. Smith did report to Alabama for the second summer session and immediately began working with strength and conditioning coach Rocky Colburn. Couple that with practicing in 100-degree heat, and the weight should come down.

Smith's goal is to start, but he knows he has to work into that roll. As long as he keeps his work ethic solid and doesn't get all wrapped up by his teammates, he should be able to.

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