Where does ‘Bama go from here?

By Marc Hudgens  |   Sunday, September 30, 2007  |  Comments( 0 )

Alabama Crimson Tide
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Alabama's loss to Georgia two weekends ago stung for the Crimson Tide; to anyone in the SEC, though, a loss to any team in the "lowly" ACC is unacceptable. Alabama, after losing to Florida State, is floundering just a bit with two consecutive defeats, and it might be in the midst of a slump that will keep growing.


The Tide defense looked good the past two weeks, but that was before Seminoles quarterback Xavier Lee entered the game Saturday. No points were scored on either side until the third, when Lee threw a 7-yard touchdown pass. Obviously, then, 'Bama's defense did show up.

However, the defense eventually fatigued thanks to offensive ineptitude, and the 'D' can't be blamed for either of the Tide's last two losses. Alabama, as good as its defense is, cannot win with a terrible offense.

The Tide's offensive line has been allowing too much pressure on quarterback John Parker Wilson, who has been sacked at least once in every game this season. More often than not over the past two weeks, Wilson has been running for his life or eating dirt. There aren't many signal-callers who can continue to produce while enduring an unbearable rush on a weekly basis. Fix the sack problem, and Wilson's effectiveness will double.

Alabama will face defending Conference USA champion Houston next, which on the surface should be a tune-up game for Ole Miss the following week. In practice the offense must focus on the trenches and getting itself in sync again.

Parker is indeed a solid gunslinger and has a couple of go-to passing threats in D.J. Hall and Keith Brown. Add to that Alabama's triple threat in the backfield, and there's just too much star power on offense for it to be squandered this season.

On the other hand, losses are to be expected this year. Alabama has its best coach in many years in Nick Saban, and expectations should be high. There will be an adjustment period, though, a season where growing pains will happen in order to make for a brighter future in Tuscaloosa. As of now, that season appears to be this one.

So where does the Crimson Tide go from here? Focus on blocking and Houston. Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.
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