Can the Bills make the playoffs heading into the next decade?

By Goose  |   Thursday, July 16, 2009  |  Comments( 168 )

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As a loyal Bills fan since the early 60's, I can honestly say I haven't been thru a playoff drought like the one the Bills are experiencing now. I've been thru plenty of up and down seasons which have included two one win seasons in 68 (at least this enabled the Bills to Draft OJ) & 71 and three 2 win seasons in 76 and back to back in 84 & 85. I won't go into the 3 & 4 win seasons which total a combined 8 seasons. I hate to be negative but that's 13 seasons out of 50 (26%) that the Bills have won 4 games or fewer----Oh My!!!!!

On the positive side I have also enjoyed the mid 60's Championship teams, watching OJ run wild, the early 80's playoff teams, the Bermuda triangle and who could ever forget the bickering Bills that came together to go to 4 straight SB's---truly incredible!

Who would have thought the "The Music City Miracle" would be their last foray into the playoffs---not I for one. The Bills have marched into the new millennium and are getting ready to march into the next decade without playing in a playoff game---that is also truly incredible! A question does the next decade start at 2010 or does the last decade end 2010?

The Bills have been in footballs equivalent of purgatory the last 5 years with a 35-45 record. Just good enough to be competitive, just bad enough to not make the playoffs and just good enough to be not able to draft a true blue chip game changing player be it on the offensive or defensive side of the ball---it is purgatory!!

I would like to be positive heading into the 2009 season. I feel the defense is going to carry the Bills and some of the players like Poz, Whitner, McKelvin, Williams, McGee and rookie Maybin are going to explode onto the scene and make the the Bills one of the dominating defenses in the AFC. On the other hand, the O-line is such a question mark with all the changes that it will take time to come together. I don't care how many weapons the Bills have if the O-line doesn't produce it will all become mute! It's exciting that the Bills have finally drafted some young and aggressive lineman instead of trying to patch the line together with NFL cast offs. Hopefully the line can come together quickly before we blink and the Bills start off 0-5!
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