The Real NY Team? Da Bills

By Greg S  |   Thursday, July 30, 2009  |  Comments( 47 )

Buffalo Bills
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If you are from New York, which one is your Football Team to root for? Obviously, each one of them has gotten their time in the news, mostly for the wrong reasons.

For the Giants, you have the whole Plaxico Burress issue with shooting himself. The team has fined him and kicked him off the team. Now, will Roger Goodell also punish him? One would have thought that this would have been resolved by now, but only lawyers can extend something this straight forward for this long.

For the Jets, the last year has been one long soap opera with the NY Bretts. Now, the Vikings were dissed from taking on that headache. With the newly crowned QB of the Jets being Mark Sanchez, will he take them to nirvana or be just another one booed out of town

For the Bills, who actually are the only “NY” team that actually plays and has training camp in New York State (besides the occasional game in Toronto), can they be considered the NY team when they are so far removed from the rest of the state? Plus, their media focus has centered around the risky acquisition of Terrell Owens.

By judging the activity at RF365, one can only conclude that Bills followers are raving fanatics. Once a western New Yorker, we are condemned to our allegiance. RF365ers from as far away as Arizona, Florida, Chicago Texas, NY City, and Virginia still profess their love for the team, even during this 10 year duration removed from the playoffs. They make special plans to get back during the season, or pay the insane fees to be able to watch their team on satellite.

All this, to be Charlie Brown while Lucy is holding the football…

I am sure that Charlie Brown is a Bills fan.
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