Bills fans: Is it time for concern?

By Goose  |   Monday, August 24, 2009  |  Comments( 73 )

Buffalo Bills
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It’s only 3 games into the preseason and the Buffalo Bills are sporting a 1-2 record-- is it too early to be concerned? The HOF game was competitive, the Bills beat the Bears by creating 5 turnovers and the Bills got slapped around while committing 5 turnovers against the Packers---ouch!!

The Bills are giving up 24 points a game while scoring 22 which is a little deceiving since the Pack jumped out to a 24-0 lead before going to cruise control. What has to be concerning to us all is the Bills no#1 offense failure to score a TD in 3 games. I don’t care if it is practice, a scrimmage or a pre-season game the inability to score has to be a major concern at this time. The Bills 1st team offense has put up 6 points total, which is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Yes, they are putting together a new offensive line—Yes, they are learning the no huddle—but they should be ashamed of themselves for the meager results so far. Is Trent the answer or a problem, if this continues the Bills will be in a position to draft one of the top 3 QB’s, T-Bow, McCoy or Bradford come 2010.

With the Steelers coming up this weekend the Bills will need to dig deep and show us they are resilient enough to bounce back from a poor performance to be competitive. Why not let Fitz run the first team offense just to see what he can accomplish against the Steelers first team defense and let Trent play against the Steelers 2nd team. Some major questions could be answered, if Fitz can move the ball against the Steelers and if Trent continues to struggle against the 2nd teamers the Bills coaching staff will have a difficult decision to make. Do they get Fitz ready to start for the season opener or do they chance it by playing T.E. even if he is unproductive? The Bills season could very well hang in the balance not to mention all the coaches’ jobs will be on the line!!!
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10:40 AM
Very concerning commments from Trent Edwards after the pack game. He said the Bills were confused and not prepared to face GB's...
11:00 AM
3-D---couldn't agree more, it reminds of the commercial where Lombardi is yelling on the sideline "What the HELL is going on...
11:03 AM
Here ya go Bilz. Reality Call me naïve, but I actually hoped that the failure of Reaganism in practice would kill it. It turns...
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