Moving Forward with the Bills

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Buffalo Bills
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The core players are the easiest factor to consider, because the ownership, front office and coaching mess is unthinkable. That is why this exercise is essentially futile. However...

Core players, (my stance is coming from having watched a lot of games played by the top teams on Sunday Ticket):

On offense:

O-line: I know that the optimists with high definition crystal balls love Eric Wood and Andy Levitre. I think it may be nothing but wishful thinking. These guys are not the Saint's Jahri Evans or the Patriots Steve Neal, by any means. Maybe someday they'll be OK, but right now they stink. Since when is not looking terrible equivalent to being good? As far as Demetrius Bell and the gaggle at right tackle, the less said the better. Brad Butler is marginal when he is not injured, but certainly will never be a Pro Bowl, especially at right tackle.

Tight ends: Derek Fine and Derek Schouman are second tier, at best. Shawn Nelson seems to be one of the cursed Bills tight ends: migrane headaches. No Jeremy Shockley or Owen Daniels on the horizon.

If the Bills had an offensive line and some tight ends, Bong-o-matic and Fred Jackson would be adequate, but wouldn't press Adrian Peterson for All Star status. Likewise, I think that Trent Edwards might be adequate with some solid protection.

Lee Evans is a good receiver. Terrell Owens was a good receiver. I doubt the Bills could get a seventh round draft pick for the entire gaggle of Josh Reed, Roscoe Parrish and eeny, meeny and miney.


Front four: Marcus Stroud and Kyle Williams are serviceable at tackle. Of the ends,...let's skip the ends: After the geezers Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay go, what? Aaron Maybin, backed by Chris Ellis? This is a nightmare.

Linebackers: Plaster-arm Posluszny is the "cream" of the crop. Holy Mary, mother of...

DBs: Terrence McGee is a NFL starter! Of the other corners, Leodis McKelvin has the physical attributes, except that he always guesses wrong. His intuition is 180 degrees backward. Drayton Florence and the rest are second tier, if that. Safeties: Jairus Byrd can catch a richochetting ball or pass-punt, but he can't defend a well-thrown pass or make a tackle. Donte Whitner is second tier. When you get down to talking Bryan Scott and Nick Harris, move along.
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