Bills @ Titans-- A Dog day Afternoon!!!

By Goose  |   Wednesday, November 11, 2009  |  Comments( 200 )

Buffalo Bills
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You’re not excited; come on this is a rematch of an NFL Classic playoff ending!! Who could ever forget “The Music City Miracle” I’m sure fans from both cities will never forget. It’s one of those games and plays that you will always remember where you were. You know like wide right---Hull in the slot—Bills-Oilers greatest comeback game ever. For me I had worked an all nighter to make sure I could the game from the start, the game was a 12pm Saturday start. I met the normal group of Bills fans at the Gainesville Ale House most of us knew this would be this group of Bills players’ last chance to make it to the big dance---salary cap problems, old age, free agents and the never ending QB problems. The game was a nail biter going back and forth the Bills finally pulled a head 13-12 on TD run by Smith (the Bills missed a 2pt conversion). The Titans came back to take the lead 15-13, Rob Johnson lead the Bills on their final drive (a few plays without a shoe), Christie came in to kick a FG with 16 seconds left to give the Bills the lead and the game 16-15.

The Bills fans were jumping and howling around the bar high fiveing everyone around!!! There was no way the Bills were going to lose no friggin way! A crappy KO it didn’t matter all we had to was take the runner down maybe time for a Hail Mary. I remember discussing how we hoped the dropped 2pt conversion wouldn’t haunt us because the Titans would beat us if the Bills drew a pass interference call. It was all for naught as we stood there in stunned silence as what the Titans called “Home Run Throwback” was taken place in front of our eyes. The place went dead silent for a moment as we watched Dyson run down the field for a 75 yard scamper and the win. For a few seconds you could hear a pin drop until the ref signaled TD then all hell broke lose. Screams of penalty forward lateral echoed thru the bar then as we all waited for the review I swear we were so puckered up that you couldn’t have drove a pin up our asses with a sledge hammer!!! I will forever hear the words Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive to overturn…

Fast forward 10 years-- the Bills are still trying to recover from that dreadful day and instead of a battle of 2 playoff contenders we are going to witness the 3-5 Bills take on the 2-6 Titans. The Titans look like they might have righted the ship and get to take on the injury depleted Bills. While the Bills are on their way to slinking off into another disappointing season. Yep we are in for a true “Dog Day Afternoon”………..

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