The Bills and the 4th quarter Blues!!!

By Goose  |   Wednesday, November 18, 2009  |  Comments( 53 )

Buffalo Bills
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The Bills sit 3-6 and going nowhere fast, the 4th quarter has been their downfall. They have been out scored 101-40 or 11.2 points to 4.4 in the quarter.

Game 1-- Pats 15 Bills 7 (L)

Game 2 -- Bucs 6 Bills 13 (W)

Game 3--Saints 17 Bills 0 (L)

Game 4-- Phins 7 Bills 7 (L)

Game 5--Browns 3 Bills 0 (L)

Game 6--Jets 0 Bills 0 Bills won in OT

Game 7—Panthers 7 Bills 13 (W)

Game 8-- Texans 22 Bills 0 (L)

Game 9—Titans 24 Bills 0 (L)

The Bills have been shut-out in 5 games in the 4th, while only holding the Jets to no points and oddly enough the Bills won the game in OT. In 9 games the Bills have out scored only the Bucs and Panthers in the 4th coincidentally both games were victories.

Is it the coaching, is it the players running out of gas, injuries or is the opposing team making adjustment? It is a combination of all 4 reasons.

In all the years I’ve been following the Bills I can never remember a season where there have been so many injuries to a average at best offensive line. The injuries to the line have crippled the Bills for an offensive continuity. That’s on top of firing the OC right before the season started and the O-line starting from scratch with all new starters. We all hoped the O-line would jell by the 4th or 5th game and now all we can hope for is that the O-line can survive a game without another major injury. Butler-out, Scott-injured but healthy last week didn’t make the trip due to personal reasons—WTF, Meredith-walking wounded, Bell—has he been fully healthy at all this year and let’s throw in the tight ends because they are supposed to help in the blocking schemes, Schouman—out, Nelson—hurt & has migraines, the Bills have been forced to use Fine as a starter that says it all.

On defense it is the same for the LB unit, injuries injuries and injuries, Mitchell—out, Buggs—out, Poz—missed time, Ellison—missing time, the Bills are picking up players off the street to start and moving safeties to LB just to field a unit.

DB’s—McKelvin—out, Whitner—banged up since the 3rd game missed time, Scott- missed 5 games, McGee—missed the Titans game not 100% and everyone’s favorite YoBrittle suffered a high ankle sprain and might miss up to 4 games.

Looking at all the injuries, the front office inadequacies and the coaching malfunction maybe we should be impressed that the Bills are competitive up to the 4th quarter and the defense is not giving up 50+ point s a game. Yeah right, just trying to spin a positive out of stressful situation. Wait until the Pats roll into town on 12/20 they are liable to put 60 on the board weather permitting!!!
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ba bye
11:48 AM
Goose: All true, but the Bills were crap the night before the season opener, they're crap now, and they'll be crap at season's...
12:06 PM
Well Jauron is gone. You guys got your wish. Listening to Perry Fewell's press confrence last night and his lack of leadership...
12:33 PM
If you're any kind of coach; Buffalo IS a destination. You get to start on the ground floor. Any 1st yr. mistakes are conceded...
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