The Bills--where do they go from here?

By Goose  |   Wednesday, November 25, 2009  |  Comments( 186 )

Buffalo Bills
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The Bills are right where the majority of us expected them to be 3-7 and going nowhere. Some like myself had high hopes for this season poured the kool-aide added vodka and convinced ourselves that 10-6 or 9-7 was a strong possibility. Down deep we knew, we knew the minute Jauron was kept on as coach despite losing 8 out the last 10 in 2008. All the signs of utter failure were coming forth, the trading of Jason Peters, the firing of the OC Turk Schonert right before the 1st came, No#1 pick Maybin’s hold-out, the signing of TO, the purging of the 2008 offensive line starters, the bringing in of Fitz (not to compete but to strictly be the back-up) and inept ability of Guy, Modrake & Brandon to bring in quality players. All of the mismanagement has caught up with the Bills as they slide like the Titanic into the ocean.

There is not a pretty picture ahead for even us most optimistic fans---the front office needs a major over haul, obviously the coaching staff is history and which ever coach takes over is going to want to implement their own system with the players he feels he needs to succeed. Getting the right GM and coach and making sure they are on the same page is the only way to turn this around in a reasonable amount of time.

The biggest obstacle is going to be the fans patience after 10 years of not making the playoffs. The only way I see possible for the Bills to keep fan interest going into next year is to hire a name coach and a GM with a proven football background or a person who has worked for a winning team and is ready for the next step into a GM position. There are already rumblings from the top echelon of available coaches that they want no part of coming to Buffalo---that in itself speaks volumes of the trouble that lies ahead!!!!

Strap yourself in Bills fans because it is going to be a long and BUMPY ROAD before the Bills are competitive again…..
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