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As the Bills get ready for a divisional game against the Jets Thursday night I did a little research and found that the Bills have been very consistent over the last 5 years.

Their record at the 11 game mark:


League Rankings of points scored & allowed and yards gained & allowed…

Current- offense Pts 26th Yds 27 Defense Pts 17th Yds 23rd
2008----------------- ------23rd Yds 25 Pts 17th Yds 14th
2007------------------------30th Yds 30 Pts 18th Yds 31st
2006----------------------- 23rd Yds 30 Pts 10th Yds 18th
2005------------------------24th Yds 28 Pts 24th Yds 29th

As you can see the Bills have been consistent, offensively never ranking better than 23 in points scored or better than 25th in yards gained. On the bright side the defense had a top 10 ranking in points allowed in 2006 and hit mid level in yards allowed last year with a rank of 14th other than those two years the defense has ranked in the bottom half of the league. The offense has fared worst ranking in the bottom 3rd.

Front Office Consistency---Wade Phillips was given the heave ho after the 2000 season, in 98 & 99 Wade guided the Bills to the playoffs. As we know Flutie was benched in favor of Rob Johnson in the “Music City Miracle” and then was let go in favor of RJ after 2000. The Bills struggled to an 8 & 8 record in 2000 and Wade was let go in favor of Greg Williams. Williams had 3 uneventful years which included dumping RJ after 2001 (for whom the Bills gave up the 9th pick in the 98 draft). Bills trade a no#1 (13th pick in the 2003 draft) pick for Bledsoe who lasted 3 years behind a below average O-line but did take the Bills to the brink of the playoffs in 04 losing the final game to the Steelers. Bills trade a future no#1 for the right to draft JP Losman in 2004, he plays 1 year behind Bledsoe. Bledsoe is cut and JP is given the reins, JP lasts thru the 2008 season and is released. Bills draft Trent Edwards in the 3rd round in 2007 status uncertain!!

In 6 seasons between 98 and 04 the Bills traded 3 no#1 picks for QB’s and used no #3 on a QB in 07 and as of now they still don’t have clear cut no#1. Is there any doubt why the Bills have struggled, they haven’t had a QB to build around. Another consistent aspect of the Guy/Modrak era has been the consistent lack of production from the no# 1 picks since 99 excluding Winfield (99) and Clements (01) who are productive on other teams. Total busts---Flowers (00), Lard Ass Williams (02) and JP (04). Average—McGahee (03) at least the Bills were able to trade him, Whitner (06) and Lynch (07) ---Below average McCargo (06). Finally it is still too early to tell—McKelvin (08) and of course this year’s pick of Maybin (09). I know some will disagree but Evans (04) has been the only no# 1 worthy of being a high pick, he has had to play with 5 different starting QB’s and at least 4 different OC’s….

Yes, the Bills have been consistent but for too many of the wrong reasons!!!

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