Bills shooting themselves in the foot!

By Goose  |   Tuesday, December 15, 2009  |  Comments( 58 )

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Are the Bills shooting themselves in the foot by winning? The Bills beat the Chiefs in a game that looked like both teams tried to lose. It was a victory for the Bills but will it cost them much needed draft position? After Sunday’s rousing victory over the hapless Chiefs the Bills have dropped to between 8th and 11th depending on the tie-- breakers with all the teams that are 5 & 8.

Currently order looks like this and is subject to change weekly:

1) Rams 1-12
2) Bucs 1-12
3) Lions 2-11
4) Browns 2-11
5) Chiefs 3-10
6) Raiders 4-9
7) Skins 4-9
8) Bills 5-8
9) 49ers from Panthers 5-8
10) Broncos from Bears 5-8
11) Seahawks 5-8

I know Coach Fewell is auditioning to get the head coaching job but with a lost season I would like to see players such as Chris Ellis, Maybin, Lankster, Harris, Hardy, Jenkins, Brohm, Johnson and Wendling receive more playing time. It would be nice to watch to see if these players have the capability of being legimate NFL players that can contribute in the future. Yes, some of these players are strong special team players but can any of them develop into starters. This is a area that the Bill’s have been lacking, they have strong special teams players that struggle as starters when given the opportunity to play. They should forget about giving McCargo or Youboty any more playing time and move Scott back to safety, cut back other starts time and play some of the younger players.

As much as I prefer that the Bills win, the victories are meaningless. When the draft comes in April the Bills need to be in the top 8 that is assuming that they have a new regime in place that knows what they are doing. A new GM and coach might finally draft a player that is a game changer or trade down to stock pile picks since the Bills need so much!
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ba bye
12:37 PM
No matter how many games the Bills lose, the draft will suck if the same FO personnel guys are running the show. Nobody wants the...
12:50 PM
The timeline will always be a problem when a new management team comes in with their own philosophy but it happens every year....
ba bye
12:58 PM
Goose: Exactly right. A whole new and DIFFERENT philosophy of football is needed up front. My point is that, once in place, the...
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