Bills = “whole cloth”

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Buffalo Bills
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First: There's a screaming need for a front office to ROUTINELY bring talented players into the pipeline. We don't need no more silly dream-shit like Jimmy Hardly, Aaron Maybin, etc. Anyone who says that the Bills have a solid core but only need a few pieces, is retarded to the extreme

Second: There's a screaming need for a coaching staff that can analyze opponents and design appropriate schemes. More importantly, the staff must develop raw talent into NFL starters. Then, the strength and conditioning staff has to know what's what. The Bills are a freakin' black hole in this department.

The only things the current Bills have going is:

Moorman/Lindell (and they're not going to collect their paychecks forever).

Fred Jackson (who's also getting along).

Lee Evans (who is not quite a #1 receiver).

A couple/few DBs such as McGee, Byrd, and ...

MAYBE a couple of guards (Levitre, and maybe Wood, if he's not wrecked).

Everything else is entirely problematic, including:

On offense: TEs, OTs, C, rest of receiving corps; Marshawn sucks, NO QB, NO offensive coordinator

On defense: No DEs, no DTs (Stroud fading, Williams = nothing special)

No linebacking corps: ...again, no meaningful LBs, especially Posluszny and Mitchell

DBs: McGee is good on the rare occasions he's on the field. Corner is pathetic. Florence is barely better than Corner. Byrd OK picking up ricochets, but bad on coverage and tackling; Whitner = second rate. Let's talk up Youboty for laughs.

Summary: The Bills cupboard is threadbare from the owner, through to the front office, coaches, training staff and 95% of the players. This team is a total disaster. If you're older than about 25, forget the Bills.
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11:44 AM
I'm glad the Bills are no longer doomed to have you as a fan. I'm a Cowboy fan from Nicholasville, Kentucky and I have more...
12:01 PM
The Bills are what we thought they were!!! No matter what your feelings are about Jason PeterPotamus he is going to the playoffs...
12:47 PM
Wood will come back. He broke his leg, it is healing properly and will be as good as new by the middle of May. Cognito is a FA...
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