Why Bill Cowher Will Coach the Bills

By Amir FaSaad  |   Friday, January 01, 2010  |  Comments( 175 )

Buffalo Bills
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From past posts on numerous blogs and threads; Bill Cower's name has all but been ruled out as a candidate for the Bills.
Most people who bad-mouth the Bills always get the, " who wants to go there. Or the, " nothing to do there," rap ! Glamorous; NOT !
But let's consider the 'Big B-Lo' for Bill Cower and family
If you take a memory pole; most of us will realize that there are more major sports people that live in WNY. Hockey and Football still have players and FO people that have maintained a long residency. Hockey's Hall of Fame Coach/GM, Scott Bowman, is a Clarence NY resident. Toronto's Daryl Sitler never even played for the Sabres and he's in Clarence too. Thurman Thomas moved back here; a Texan, I believe. Even NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell still has property in Chautauqua. So, Cower and family will get the what's what from those kind of neighbors. Why he can even ask Jeromy Jacobs, hockey's Bruins' owner. Because it's some 5 odd hours to drive to Pittsburgh; seeing the family, and in-laws, isn't that tough. Close enough for visits; far away enough to say, " next time!"
When Cower was doing some TV analyzing the previous year (when we were 5 & 1); he went out of his way to say he liked some of the talent here. Recently, he said he liked the rah rah fans here, as it reminded him of a college atmosphere; with the 'real tailgating' that goes on over a weekend. Very unlike the fired and disgruntled former Titan, Floyd Reece; who constantly bad-mouthed the Bills.
Well, his daughters are grown up and out of school so, that excuse is gone. TV is not his thing and he's even further away from family because of it.
All he can do here is go up. 8 & 8 or better will get him a bouquet of plaudits. 9 wins or a playoff appearance will give H of F consideration. Winning (or losing) a SB would insure it.
Bill; you know you're a BILL. You can do it. " What's more; ya gotta do it !"
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