What will the Rebuilt Bills look like in 2010???

By Goose  |   Tuesday, February 16, 2010  |  Comments( 82 )

Buffalo Bills
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Front Office—Nix is the man making important decisions, Brandon moved to a position that suits his strength, Whaley hired from the Steelers as the Asst. General Manager/Director of Pro Personnel, Modrak given a reprieve and the jettison of John Guy couldn’t come soon enough. Which direction will the draft take?

Coaches---New coaching staff with exception of Sanders, Catavolos, White and the return of ST Coach DeHaven. The hiring of Ciano & Gamble as strength and conditioning coaches, the Bills led the league in players on IR in 2 out of the last 3 years.
QB—The Bills have 3 on the roster or possibly none! Fitz? Edwards?? Brohm???

RB—Freddy Jackson, had a career year in 09 how much does he have left? Lynch, he is like the Forrest Gump box of chocolates you never know what you are getting! No other backs on the roster---Bruce Hall recently signed with the Broncos…

WR—Evans-what a Shame that he hasn’t played with an above average QB ala Moulds, Hardy has Bust written all over him, Roscoe—follow the yellow brick road, Reed underrated not expected back and finally the rest-all special teamers!

TE---Nelson has potential also has many migraines, the two Derek’s very injury prone, Stupar a prospect showed some flashes and then there is Klopfenstein enough said!

OL—Can Wood come back (no Viagra jokes) by 2011, Levitre can be an anchor for years, Hangartner, can’t wait to see how he plays when he has the same line mates for more than 1 game, Incognito??, Meredith a project, Butler coming back from an injury, Bell another Mike “Dingelberry” Williams and the rest that should be out of football Chambers-Scott-Simmons-McKinney—Ramsey etc etc…

DE---Schobel retirement? Denny-Kelsay 32 an 30 years old, Maybin/Maybe and the forgotten man an how the ex-coaching staff felt “I Hate Chris” Ellis.

DT—Williams Pro Bowl alternate, Stroud a couple of good years left, McCargo- Bust Bust Bust and Johnson a good back-up.

LB---Poz and who? Corto-No, Stamer-No, Manalac-No, Palmer-No, Ellison-?, Buggs-No, Draft-? and Mitchell coming off a knee injury. I’m sure the new staff will be moving Scott back to DB. Nic Harris is in limbo.
** 3-4 defense needs quality LB’s the Bills questionably have 2!!

DB’s—strength of the defense, McGee a top corner when healthy, McKelvin must stay McHealthy, Byrd made the pro bowl as a rookie, Wilson over achieving team player, Florence-played better than expected, Corner strictly a nickel/dime back, Whitner average player will never live down being picked over Ngata, Lankster & Cary Harris rookies last year, Youboty hard to believe he has had a roster spot for 4 years and Wendling strictly a special team player.

ST—DeHaven was an excellent ST Coach on his first go around for the Bills. He was the scapegoat for the “Music City Miracle”. In reality the Bills were in Cap Hell so the special teams suffered.

With all the talk about the Bills going to the 3-4 they need LB’s as in plural, at least another DE and a nose tackle.

Offensively—Bills need O-line help, a QB, another WR and a RB to groom. Not too much to ask for!
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