Let the 2010 season begin:

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Buffalo Bills
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It is another beginning of a season that we are hopeful for improvement and wishing this is the start of a successful run. I’m going into the season knowing that this year is a rebuilding year or better terminology is a transition year. As with all new coaches, staffs and upper management changes we are looking for them to lead the team into a bright future. Can anyone see it happening this year—I’m sure there are some but the reality is the Bills are not a very good team. There are new schemes, many new players and of course an overall lack of talent. That being said I expect the Bills to become more & more competitive and to show continual improvement as the season wears on. If the pre-season has shown us anything is that Chan knows how to use offensive weapons and that the defense is a major work in progress. So “Let The Games Begin”!!!!

Quick breakdown.


Pats-11-5 Slipping but Brady & the passing game thrive.
Jets--10-6 Not as good as they think they are.
Phins-8-8 Have already hit the Parcell wall.
Bills—5-11 excitement is back with CJ but no defense!

Bengals--11-5 Are there enough balls to go around?
Ravens—10-6 Always tough but defense is getting up in age
Browns—9-7 Mangini has the Brownies on the road to recovery.
Steelers—7-9 Big Ben hurts the team again with his off field shenanigans

Colts—12-4 Manning but can the Colts play any defense?
Texans—10-6 Finally hit potential and make the playoffs.
Titans—9-7 Hmmm Vince Young??
Jags—4-12 Goodbye Rio—team needed Tebow!

Chargers—11-5 The Chargers and who in the WEST? Lots of distractions!
Chiefs—7-9 Decent running attack is Cassel Rob Johnson? Defense has improved.
Broncos—6-10 Lack of RB’s and losing Dumervil for the year hurts a shaky defense
Raiders—6-10 They have a chance to win 4 out of the AFC West “Da Raiders”


Boys—10-6 “How Bout Them Cowboys” Too much Jerry Jones interference..
Eagles—9-7 Transition year at QB, what do you know O-line problems.
G-men—9-7 Can they rebound? One of the worst pass defenses in the NFL.
Skins—6-10 Shanahan is worth 3 wins—Haynesworth is worth 3 losses!!

Packers—11-5 “The Pack is Back” Young and talented at key positions.
Vikings-10-6 Lions- Packers & Bears Oh My that’s at least 5 wins
Lions—6-10 Stafford gives them hope—Suh gives them attitude!!
Bears—4-12 Lovie Dovie, Lovie Dovie, Lovie Dovie, all the time..

Saints—13-3 “Who Dat” going to beat them Saints --nobody in that division.
Falcons—9-7 So much depends on the health of RB Turner.
Panthers—9-7 Fox always has the Panthers playing physical excellent RB’s no QB.
Bucs—4-12 Tough year a head, QB Freeman broke finger in pre-season didn’t get reps.

49ers—10-6 Good running game, aggressive defense move 49ers to the head of the west.
Cards—7-9 Derek Anderson ain’t no Kurt Warner...
Seahawks-6-10 Welcome back to the NFL Carroll
Rams—3-13 Rook QB Bradford with a troublesome shoulder, how many top 5 or 10 picks have not panned out—Lots of $$’s spent does not equal wins!!

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03:57 PM
Thanks for the new post Goose. I liked your clever team predictions. A new Bills team to watch is what I'm excited about. No...
Steve B.
04:13 PM
Good article, but I disagree with your predictions Goose. Here's my predictions: AFC East Pats: 10-6 Brady carries the team again...
04:37 PM
Goose, are your standings even possible? I didn't do the math, but giving it a quick look over, there appeared to be more wins...
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