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By Goose  |   Thursday, September 23, 2010  |  Comments( 469 )

Buffalo Bills
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We know the truth hurts and the Bills right now are the ugly duckling of the NFL. Down deep did we expect anything different? The hope was there but reality has reared its head so ride the wave of ineptitude. All the makings of a colossus down turn were right in front of us. The Bills peaked during the first 6 games of the 2008 season when they went 5-1 and have been going backwards every since with a record of 8-20. Unfortunately, the past sins of securing bad talent have caught up to the Bills.

Can Nix and Chan stop or slow down the Comet ride down to the bottom of the barrel? They are not miracle workers but are force to work with what they have as they try to restock a talent depleted team. The Bills front office certainly can’t blame the fans for having a lack of patience and every move by the front office is under the microscope. An that is rightfully so with what has taken place since the last playoff appearance in 1999.

The team is truly in a funk, signing FA’s didn’t help and the draft has yielded few pro-bowl players. Where do they go from here, Nix plan seems to be building the defense first and restock the team thru the draft. The number one priority is to find a QB that can lead the team out of the dark ages. As we all know that is easier said then done and there is not a quick fix on the horizon. The only way is to draft the right QB and hand over the reins and grow with him and yes time to build an O-line whether thru the draft or free agency and not the Cornell Green, Tre Thomas or Orlando Pace type of players.

As much as I hate the fact the Bills look like crap, I’m willing to give Nix and company a three year plan to mold this team into a playoff contender. Some of us have been thru the rebuilding scenario in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and we still remain loyal fans. The team will eventually overcome this drought and succeed. Hopefully we will be around to enjoy it and bask again in the "Glory of Buffalo Bills Football".
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