The Hank Bullough era has returned to Buffalo

By Steve B.  |   Monday, October 11, 2010  |  Comments( 92 )

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For the first time in 25 years, the Buffalo Bills have started the season 0-5. That year in 1985, the Bills lead by head coach, Hank Bullough started the season 0-6. For many Bills fans, we thought those painful days were behind us, but they’re back. What’s worse is that the Bills could actually finish worse than those Bills teams that were lead by Kay Stephenson and Bullough. The remaining 11 Bills opponents are: the Ravens, Chiefs, Bears, Lions, Bengals, Steelers, Vikings, Browns, Dolphins, Patriots and Jets. Out of those remaining 11 teams, the Bills might have a chance against the Lions and Browns, but then again, the Bills could lose out. The Lions got their first win of the year, by stomping the Rams 44 to 6 yesterday. The Browns are 1-4 and have beaten the Bills in their last few meetings. If the Bills do go 0-16 this year, it will be an all time low for any Bills fan.

So far this year on offense, the offense is ranked at 30th with 251.0 yards per game (YPG). Their rushing offense is ranked 17th at 106.4 YPG and their passing offense is at 30th with 144.6 YPG. A couple of nice surprises on offense are the two leading WR’s on the Bills, Roscoe Parrish and Steve Johnson. Parrish leads the receivers in yards with 14 receptions, 217 yds and 1 TD. Johnson is leading the team in receptions and touchdowns with 17 rec, 214 yds and 4 TDs. Disappointing this year, is Buffalo’s 9 million dollar man and #1 WR, Lee Evans. So far, Evans has 15 rec, 181 yds and 1 TD. Before Sundays game, Evans had 10 receptions for 94 yards in 4 games. Even though Evans had a good game on Sunday, he needs to be more of a factor on offense.

The defense has been a disaster this year. The unit is currently ranked at 28th, giving up 382.4 YPG. Rush defense is dead last in the league at 182.4 YPG (31st Raiders at 147.8 YPG). Pass defense, 11th at 200.0 YPG. Sacks: ranked 28th with six sacks on the year. Interceptions: tied with Baltimore at 31st with only one INT for the year, which came by LB Andra Davis. So far, defensive coordinator George Edwards is failing miserably. Nothing is working on the defense. In the last three weeks, the Bills gave up 689 yds on the ground. On Sunday’s game, the Jags scored on eight of their nine offensive possessions and the defense failed to force a punt all game long.

It’s painfully obvious the Bills are lacking quality players. They’re getting physically manhandled on both sides of the ball. While the offense is showing signs of life this year, the defense is killing this team. So far, the only LB’s that look serviceable are Posluszny and Davis. The rest of the LB’s looked, lost or out of place. If Mike Singletary or John Fox gets fired in the offseason, the Nix & Gailey should make a very serious attempt of bringing in either one of them in to fix this defense.

It’s going to take more than one offseason to fix this mess. If the Bills start heading to the realms of the mid 80’s or worse, expect attendance at the Ralph to plummet. As for the Toronto game, good luck trying to sell that.
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04:56 PM
Hank Bullough. I remember Art Schlichter being in Bills camp competing for the starting QB position when Hank was the coach....
04:59 PM
I think both Cleveland and Detroit are much better than the Bills. Those teams at least hang in with their opponents. The Bills...
05:25 PM
Excellent article Steve---I never ever thought the Bills would ever reach the depths of despair again. Hank Bullough took over...
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