Bills Coache’s First Quarter Report Card

By anello1960  |   Wednesday, October 13, 2010  |  Comments( 356 )

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First Quarter Bills Coaching Report Card

Roster management (B)
It was worth the experiment to determine if Trent could duplicate his preseason performance in regular season games. The team is wasting little time in cutting players not considered to be part of their future. Gameday substitutions are made without hesitation where called for.

Game management (B)
I found myself questioning more decisions in one game (during the previous coache’s tenure) than I have during the first four this year combined.

Offensive game plan (C) 2
They come out of the box well but can’t keep it up.

Offensive adjustments (D)
Once the opposition dials in, it’s pretty much lights out.

Defensive game plan (D)
The Bills defense seems unprepared for what they witness on the field.

Defensive adjustments (F)
They play worse as the game marches on.

Player motivation (B)
The team has been well motivated in all but (1) of their last matchups.

Record (F)
No Ws = a goose egg in the win column and on the report card. At some point the lack of talent is the main ingredient of this mess but other coaches could do better. I can’t fault them for lack of effort but at some point it’s got to show up on the field.

First Quarter Combined GPA= D+
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12:37 PM
Gailey gets a D. The only reason he doesn't get an F was because he took the lowly job that Shanahan, Cowher, Schottenheimer,...
12:41 PM
The "team has been well motivated in all but (1) of their last matchups"??? Have you watched the same team I have? This team...
01:15 PM
Good one Nellie---3D I didn't see the Jags game but I know the Bills got steamrolled against the Pack and Jets, I don't feel the...
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