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Buffalo Bills
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As the Bills inch closer to the no#1 overall pick in the 2011 draft how have they fared when they have received the top pick.

1969—The Bills took OJ Simpson with the pick. OJ was on the verge of being a bust before being rescued by Lou Saban who built the offensive team around the Juice. The rest of the 69 draft didn’t yield another long term starter or difference maker. The Bills didn’t hit on any of the other 16 players they selected, with such names as #2 Earth Quake Enyard, #3 Julian Nunamaker, #4 Mike Richy and #5 Ben Mayes rounding out the top 5. The Bills did draft QB James Harris in the 8th round but he went on to play well for the then LA Rams.

1972---The Bills drafted Walt Patulski with the #1 overall who went on the have an average career with the Bills before being traded to the Cards for a #2 pick. Out of the other 11 players drafted #2 Reggie McKenzie went on to have a stellar career with the Bills for 10 years and then finished with the Seahawks. Reggie was the lead blocker on the sweeps for “The Juice”.

1979---Tom Cousineau was the pick at #1, he never played a down for the Bills as he choose to play for the Montreal Alouettes. He did star for the Alouettes before coming back to the NFL. The Bills traded him to the Browns for the 14th pick in the “83” draft which turned out to be HOFer Jim Kelly. The Bills hit the jackpot in the “79” draft, they also took Jerry Butler, Fred Smerlas, Jim Haslett, Jeff Nixon, Rod Kush, and Ken “Baby” Johnson who all contributed to the Bills becoming a playoff contender.

1985---The Bills landed one of the greatest DE’s in NFL history when they took Bruce Smith #1. The Bills that year also came away with Derrick Burroughs, Frank Reich, Andre Reed, Dale Hellestrae, Ron Pitts, Hal Garner and Chris Burkett. These players formed the foundation of Superbowl run in the up coming years.

Current Top 5
1 BILLS 0 0.574
2 49ERS 1 0.505
3 LIONS 1 0.519
4 COWBOYS 1 0.561
5 PANTHERS 1 0.566

Overall the Bills drafted 2 HOF players, OJ & Bruuuuce, missed on Patulski (that year really had no clear cut #1 player in the country) and traded Cousineau for a future HOFer Jim Kelly. The overall success of those drafts wasn’t necessarily picking a HOFer but being able to pick quality players in the following rounds as evidence in the “79 & “85” drafts.

Top 5 Players that are available 1) QB Luck, 2) WR AJ Green, 3) QB Jake Locker, 4) CB Pat Peterson, 5) DT Marcell Dareus.
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