Bills Coache’s Second Quarter Report Card

By anello1960  |   Monday, November 15, 2010  |  Comments( 651 )

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Second Quarter Bills Coaching Report Card

Roster management (A)
Roscoe Parrish coming from nowhere to make big play after big play. Steve Johnson emerging as the no. (1) receiver. Ryan Fitzpatrick shredding any ill conceived second guessing of the decision to release Trent Edwards.

Game management (B)
Game management decisions have been sound for the most part, continuing the trend set forth in the season's first quarter. Very few head scratchers.

Offensive game plan (B)
The Bills have finally broken the nearly 4-years long 300 yards passing drought with Ryan Fitzpatrick's 382 yd. performance vs. the Ravens on Oct. 24th. They have been competitive in their last (4) games, (2) of them decided in overtime.

Offensive adjustments (B)
The Bills have reduced their 3rd quarter scoring deficit in their last (4) games, scoring (16) points in the third quarter vs. only (7) third quarter points in the first (4) games.

Defensive game plan (C-)
The Bills defense has been getting better of late, finally breaking the 30 points against average barrier. Teams scored an average of 31 points in the first (4) games but only (27) points in the last (4).

Defensive adjustments (D)
Third quarter scoring against has dropped from 12.2 pts. per game down to 8.7 points per game.

Player motivation (A)
The team has been well motivated in all of their last (4) games.

Record (F)
No Ws = a goose egg in the win column and on the report card.

Season Second Quarter GPA= C+
First Quarter Combined GPA= D+
Season Cumulative GPA= C

The Bills coaches have improved their GPA in the second quarter from a D+ to a C+. Let's hope they continue to improve in the third and fourth quarters!!!!!
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12:42 PM
I think you are right on the money with a solid C. I know the players work hard, the coach's work hard - but the hill they had to...
01:02 PM
...the Bills have also gone from last (or 2nd last) in the league to 2nd best in 3 down efficiency ! And, yesterday they ran and...
01:08 PM
...@Kegman, Again, I disagree with your "Ralph really let this organization slide !", comment. There's a huge difference between...
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