Nothing Like an Old Fashion Ass Whooping…

By Goose  |   Tuesday, December 28, 2010  |  Comments( 520 )

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To bring us back down to earth. Nothing to say about the Pats game except that it was about as ugly as it could get. Hard to fathom what unit, offense or defense was worse. The offense with 7 turnovers was horrid and the defense couldn’t stop the run or the pass. The best bright spot I can come up with is that the offense put up 370 yards in offense and the defense only gave up 34 points despite the 7 TO’s.

That game left me with no doubts that the Bills need a QB to groom into a starter an as much linebacker and defensive line help as they can get.

The way the Bills have played the Patriots during the 2000’s brings back sad memories of the 70’s when the Bills could not beat the Dolphins. We have witnessed just about everyway the Bills can lose to the Pats---close games—blow outs—last second losses---give aways—bad calls—bad play calling—defensive collapses---special team meltdowns, you name it we have seen it. At this point I can’t even picture the Bills beating the Pats now or in the next 5 years. The Bills are constantly rebuilding while the Pats just reload.

I despise the Patriots because I’m so envious of how they run their organization from top to bottom. They are just a model of consistency… Oh how we wish the Bills could be run like that. I’m not giving up on the Bills (no way no how) but when I watch a game like that yesterday it just makes me realize how far away the Bills are from challenging for the top of the AFC East.

Thank goodness next week is the last game---as a fan I’m running for the bus and screaming “Thank God the Season is finally Over”…. I need a mental rest!

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12:59 PM
Goose - thanks for the new article and your right on the money. We need a lot of help and still don't know if we can get...
01:02 PM
...well, Goose, we can' have it both ways ! The list that CG put up showed all the teams that haven't won a SB. The majority, if...
01:19 PM
The constant in the Patriots success has been Tom Brady. Given the Bills inept front office, mediocre coaching staff, and...
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