Is a Bills Succession Plan going to take effect in 2012?

By Steve B.  |   Wednesday, December 28, 2011  |  Comments( 89 )

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In the wake of talks from NFL experts stating that there are going to be changes made to the Bills front office in the offseason, does this mean that a possible succession plan won't happen in 2012 (or at all), or is the succession plan going to take place this offseason?

Listed below is an article from October 2010, after John Wawrow talked with Bills owner, Ralph Wilson. Around the same time, Ralph Wilson was asked what Bills fans should expect from the team. Wilson responded with "Pain" and "Patience". Wilson also said he expects it to take 3 years to turn around the Bills, and that he did not plan to be around for it (which led to questions of a succession plan already in place). Plus, Jim Kelly's nephew posted on his twitter account earlier in the 2011 season (somewhere along these lines) "I met the new man today," then deleted the comment a day later.


Wawrow appeared on The Howard Simon Show on WGR 550 Tuesday morning (audio), and while on the air dropped the most intriguing bit of speculation I've yet heard regarding Mr. Wilson: Wawrow believes that the owner may quietly be putting together a succession plan for the ownership of his franchise.

"From what I've heard in the background, and seen happening - without saying anything definitively, because I can't, because no one's actually told me anything - I have a better feeling that this team might be here longer, beyond Ralph Wilson, for a long time," Wawrow said. "I can't say that with certainty, but I get the sense there's work going on in the background that will make the transition easier. I can't really get into specifics, because I can't pin down the facts."

"I'm not saying this is a guarantee," Wawrow continued. "I'm probably at maybe 65-70, 30-35 in thinking the Bills are staying here."

"Given the fact that Ralph Wilson is in the Hall of Fame, and built a legacy on voting against relocation, and the fact that I know the NFL wants a market in this region - and I'm speaking to the Toronto/Buffalo corridor - I can't foresee a team moving out of this region just because it's so valuable as far as its proximity goes," Wawrow said. "I think the history is also there with the number of people from the Bills organization who are in Canton."

Will Bills fans see a new owner in 2012? Will Buddy Nix retire, Doug Whaley get promoted to GM, and possibly new assitant coaches? Or will Bills fans see the same old garbage, just repackaged by the brain trusts at One Bills Drive?
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