Bills Feasted Well in Draft Party, Need a QB for Dessert

By anello1960  |   Monday, April 30, 2012  |  Comments( 429 )

Buffalo Bills
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Ask former Bear's GM Jerry Angelo why he was fired in the off season and he probably would shove your microphone in your face. The elephant in the room is the fact that they did not have a backup QB on the roster who could win games and continue their playoff quest in 2011, among other reasons. The fact that they were in a similar situation a year earlier during Jay Cutler's infamous "knee-gate" surely did not help.
Maybe this situation led the Washington Redskin's war room to pick (2) QBs in this year's draft, RGiii and Kirk Cousins, possibly putting to rest any worries of faltering down the stretch in a playoff race should the starter "go down" with injury.
The Bills current QB depth chart does not give the sense of confidence. The vice quarterback is Tyler Thigpen, who during his appearance in (3) games last season amassed an astonishing 6.8 quarterback rating (yes, the decimal point is correct). Jack of all trades Brad Smith rounds out the QB roster. I thought he threw a pass or two last season but the Bills official stat sheet shows that he did not make one passing attempt in the 2011 season.

Buddy Smith, since the Bills did not pick a rookie QB in the draft, what do you say about all this?

"We were poised to draft one, and he just wasn't there," Nix said. "We're gonna get one in free agency. We're gonna bring in a quarterback, and we think a good one."

This is good news, because Buddy is in fact a "straight shooter".
Unless this includes trolling the dumpsters for UDFAs (hopefully not) the list may not be all that appetizing. There may be some decent veterans cut as the teams that did draft QBs will no doubt do some roster editing. But again, how good for how long could / would these players be?

Here are the available QBs currently up for sale-
8-year vet Kyle Boller.
Mark Brunell is willing to decline retirement for a year.
Rudy Carpenter is available.
How about Kerry Collins, Jake The Man, Dennis Dixon or Trent Edwards?
A. J. Feely anyone? Jeff Garcia!? Jon Kitna, JP Losman, Luke McCown, Donovan McNabb, Kevin O'Connell (not the radio announcer), Curtis Painter, Chadd Pennington (best so far, and that is not saying much), Billy Volek and...

Vince Young?????

After reading off that list, Brad Smith running the spread offense a la' Tim Tebow sounds like something watchable and interesting.
Having a decent backup on the Bills roster might be a problem worth having with the Bills in an actual playoff hunt. Unfortunately only (1) out of (4) starting QBs actually make it through a full season.

No dessert for the Bills after this draft feast. Buddy's watching his cholesterol.
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