When It Ended For Me

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Buffalo Bills
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I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the worst date you’d ever been on. It was Frank’s Red Hot Original splashed all over a generous bowl full of Breyer’s Butter Pecan ice cream. It was to say the least, thee WORST BILLS GAME I’ve ever attended… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

For decades I had gone to a Buffalo BILLS home game, one every year, since the 1973 season when I was eleven years old, seeing my first NFL game… the year Ralph Wilson Stadium opened. Every year since, I’d try to make it a point to see Miami at home in December. Those games, in frigid conditions, with a good chance of snow in the air were all the better. I loved going to December games. This was one of those. December 21st, 2003…Miami’s rolling into town and I’m in western NY visiting my father and relatives for Christmas in the Elmira, NY area.

I’d lived through the 70’s in western NY… and the putrid O-fer put up by the BILLS against the far superior Miami Dolphins at the time. Arriving on game day with my father and two sons was a great experience. I’d always loved the ‘verbal interactions’ with the Dolphin fans and this was no exception. We had our friendly back and forth. They were 8-6 at the time and the BILLS were 6-8.

The BILLS team had Pat Williams and Sam Adams at the tackle spots, Aaron Schobel, Ryan Denney and Chris Kelsay rotated at defensive ends. Antoine Winfield and Nate Clements manned the corners… and Lawyer Milloy was holding court at safety. London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes were the stud linebackers. Drew Bledsoe was the QB and Travis Henry was running back.

The Dolphins had Junior Seau and Zach Thomas as the focal points of their defense. (defence for Joma) They were 3rd in the league for points allowed that year and they were stout. Jay Fiedler was their sorry excuse for a QB and none other than Dave Wannstedt… was their head coach.

Game “Highlights” –

• Travis Henry gets less than 70yds on about 25 carries… and can’t even hold on to the football;
• Buffalo fumbles a total of FIVE times, losing three of them;
• The BILLS ‘D’ knocked Ricky Williams out of the game in the 2nd quarter with a shoulder injury. He had 62yds rushing yards at the half.
• Fiedler finishes the day 8 out of 17 for 46yds, 1TD and 1 Int (which most days would be enough take home a ‘W’);
• But no… Drew Bledsoe completes HIS first pass… in the 3rd quarter!!!;
• Ricky Williams was a BEAST for the Dolphins, returning in the 3rd quarter (after a HYPO) and finishes with 29 carries for 111 rushing yards. 106 of those yards came on 25 carries between the tackles. He also caught passes when he wasn’t running over the BILLS middle ‘D’;
• Brian Moorman, future perennial team MVP, kicked a 27yd punt from the BILLS 17yd line… no wait, maybe it was a 17yd punt from the 27yd line, whatev…;
• BILLS finally score for the home crowd late in the 3rd quarter with a 23yd FG………. kicked from the six freakin’ yard line… to make it 13 – 3. For all practical purpose, the game was over, as THAT was their BEST drive of the day….. a pathetic FG from the 6yd line;


• Bledsoe’s final stats… 12 of 24, 114yds, 0TD’s, 1 Int… he’s pulled for Travis Brown.


With 8min to go in the game, I whispered to my father that we ought to get going and beat the traffic. It was more than obvious that it just wasn’t gonna happen in the 4th quarter. He quietly reminded me that my oldest son, a Dolphins fan… would probably rather stay and watch the time run down. He was at the time, 13 years old.

I’ve always hated it when I know I’m wrong. This was one of those times. We sat. I was humbly reminded that I was more than just a BILLS fan at this game. I was a father.

FINAL SCORE: Miami 20… Buffalo 3.

After the excruciating ‘contest’ wound to its brutal and obvious conclusion, I got to hear things like, “We just took a giant shit in your house!!!”… “You guys SUCK!!!”… and “LOSERS”… all the way back to the car.

It’s a lot longer walk back to the car after losses. I’ve been through many.

Long story short, I haven’t been back since. That was when it ended for me.

The product just hasn’t been worth the cost... and they actually got WORSE after that year.


This is now when that ends for me. I’m back! The nine year drought ends NOW!

I just purchased two tickets on StubHub… BILLS side of the field… Right on the Tunnel end goal line... SECOND ROW, and they’re aisle seats to boot. I believe it’s near Elvis’s section.

Hopefully cowgirl enjoys her first trip to the ‘Mecca’…………… for an appearance by none other than Tom Brady and the New England Patriots home game, September 30th, week 4.

I think it’s safe to come out again… and will be well worth the cost of a ticket.


The BILLS are finally going back to the land of milk and honey… the Playoffs!

As for Tom Brady, you’ve only got 2 to 3sec… because we’ve just

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