Bills vs Cardinals Week 6

By Steve B.  |   Friday, October 12, 2012  |  Comments( 277 )

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills have decided to stay out west after the beating they took in Week 5 from the San Francisco 49ers. The Bills defense gave up 1,201 yards and 97 points in the two previous games they played in. In those same two games, the Bills were outscored 97-31 (a 68 point margin). With all of the factors stated above, predicting a Bills win is more or less the same as picking the winning Mega Millions lottery numbers.

Here's a quick look at the teams:
Buffalo Bills (2-3)
Offense: 17th, 351.0 Yards Per Game (YPG)
Rush: 5th, 144.2 YPG
Pass: 26th, 206.8 YPG

Defense: 9,999,9999,9999th...seriously, 31st 449.4 YPG (Yes, a team is crappier than the Bills on defense [Saints])
Rush: 30th, 171.8 Miles Per Carry
Pass: 24th, 277.6 YPG

Arizona Cardinals (4-1)
Offense: 31st, 273.2 YPG
Rush: 31st 63.3 YPG
Pass: 25th 209.8 YPG

Defense: 11th, 334.0 YPG
Rush: 14th, 103.0 YPG
Pass: 234.0 YPG

If the Bills want to prove to themselves and the rest of the world that they have not quit, then the time is now. Otherwise, we already know the answer to that. While this is a game the Bills could win, I'm going with the Cardinals, considering how pathetic the Bills have looked the previous two weeks.

Here are the rest of my Week 6 predictions:
Steelers over the Titans
Falcons over the Raiders
Ravens over the Cowboys (Sorry Cowgirl, get ready for a Baltimore Beatdown!)
Bengals over the Browns (Get ready to start packing Wilford Brimley)
Rams over the Dolphins
Colts over the Jets
Eagles over the Lions (Who let the dogs out...)
Buccaneers over the Chiefs
Patriots over the Seahawks (BAHSTON SOCKS CAWK!!!)
49ers over the Giants
Vikings over the Redskins
Texans over the Packers
Broncos over the Chargers
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Born and raised in South Buffalo. Currently living in VA.
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07:41 AM
I haven't a clue who will win this game. I'd like to think the Bills can win going against a bad O-line and back-up RB. Then...
07:59 AM
Thanks again Steve for the article. I don't know anymore. Are the players just crappy or is the coaching staff the pits? I think...
Steve B.
08:22 AM
Thanks gary! Before the season, I chalked this game up as a win for the Bills, but after the last 2 pathetic performances, I'm...
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