Groundhog Day!!

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Buffalo Bills
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Here we go again, this will the 13th season in a row that the Bills have not made the playoffs. Hard to believe it was 1999 that the Bills lost to the Titans on the forward lateral better known as the “Music City Miracle” in their last playoff appearence.

Every year it is the same story, whether we blame the coaches, the players or the management. The last coach that took the Bills to the playoffs was Wade Phillips but how could he coach without wearing a headset, he was too laid back, he was being forced into firing his special team coach and of course the QB controversy with being told to play the overpaid slightly talented Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie in the Titans game… Wade was let go/quit what ever interpretation that you want to believe and had to fight for the money the Bills owed him. What a nice example to set for future coaches that the team might want to hire!

From that time on the Bills went through HC’s Gregg Williams, Mike Mularky, Dick Jauron and now Chan Gailey. None have been able to turn the Bills around much less make the playoffs. When the HC’s weren’t taking the heat the blame went to the coordinators on both sides of the ball. Offensively we’ve seen OC’s; Pendry, Sheppard, Gilbride, Clements, Fairchild, and Van Pelt come and go. Defensively it was little more stable as Gray, Fewell and Edwards and hopefully soon to be Wannstedt have been shown the door.

Is it the coaches that have been hired or has it been upper management such as Tom Donahoe from “01-“05, Levy for a season, the 3 headed triumvirate of Brandon, Overdorf & Guy to the current administration of Buddy Nix that have failed the team. We all know the draft failures and the signing of high priced free agents that don’t pan out that have plagued each regime…

As fans we get excited each year when we read about the new draft picks, new free agent pick-ups and coaching changes but the results are always the same with very little variation. Sometimes they start out hot and win early games but the inevitable happens as injuries mount, the team loses steam, the never ending QB problems surface and they finish below .500 again.

As Bill Murray quoted In Groundhog Day “Today is Tomorrow”, no matter what the Bills have done over the last 10 plus years the results end up the same~Poor!!!

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03:43 PM
I think I'll pick the Bills this week. Jackson is out so they're going to be forced to give Spiller the ball 20 times or more....
03:57 PM
To have Spiller only touch the ball 13 times yesterday is awful. He was drafted to be a weapon and this year he has proven he...
04:44 PM
Thanks for the new article Goose. It is a combination of all the GM's, HC's, OC's and DC's, etc. But the one constant is still...
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