What batch of “Kool-Aid” will be brewed at One Bills Drive?

By Steve B.  |   Wednesday, January 02, 2013  |  Comments( 422 )

Buffalo Bills
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Another year, another disappointing losing season without making the playoffs. All the offseason hype of bringing in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to help revamp the Bills porous pass rush failed to pay off. The Bills are currently 5-10 and in 4th in the AFC East. A loss today against division rivals, the New York Jets, would put Chan Gailey's three year record with the Bills at 15-33.

So now comes the million dollar question, what batch of kool-aid will Bills CEO Russ Brandon whip up in the offseason? Will it be firing Bills HC Chan Gailey and/or Bills GM Buddy Nix. While that would be a good start, that would not be nearly enough to have fans buying tickets next season. The last time there was a GM search, no one knew about it until after it was over with, when Buddy Nix was promoted to GM. And coaching search, Nix claimed that the phone was ringing off the hook from people that wanted the job, but yet he hired Chan Gailey, an offensive coordinator that was fired from Kansas City 10 days before the start of the season. So much for offering up to $10 million a season to bring in a good coach. With that in mind, will Brandon tell us fans that he will do an extensive search for a GM and coach? I think the $10 million a year on a coach kool-aid is very watered down and flavorless now.

Will Brandon pick up another high profile free agent player? We saw the Terrell Owens kool-aid have success with putting butts in seats, but did not produce results on the field. The Mario Williams kool-aid had the exact same effect as the T.O. kool-aid did.

Brandon knows Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer, and ticket sales will plummet if Ryan Fitzpatrick is still the starting QB come the start of the 2013 season. Will Brandon try and trade for another teams backup who could possibly become the franchise QB we've been looking for. The music from the shower scene of "Psycho" just suddenly popped in my head, as I shrieked in horror thinking back to the Rob Johnson/Jaguars trade. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Brandon knows the Bills need a QB and will have to address the position in the draft. But, there's one problem, this year's draft class is considered "weak" amongst NFL experts, so the time to draft a QB was actually last year. If the Bills draft a QB in the first or second round and this QB doesn't work, then just tack on another 3-5 years of missing the playoffs.

Could the Bill Polian kool-aid work it's magic? Ah-hah, we could be onto something here. If Buddy Nix gets fired this week, this could be an opening for the Bills to bring back Bill Polian, the architect of the Bills Super Bowl teams of the 1990's. Whether or not this comes to fruition, this could be a batch of kool-aid that thousands of Bills fans could be lining up to drink.

Could the transfer of ownership to Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas be another batch of kool-aid fans would be lining in in drones to buy? Absolutely!! While the transfer of ownership has been a rumor lately, seeing is believing.

To say the Bills fan base is tired and frustrated would be a huge understatement. 13 years of missing the playoffs and eight years since the Bills last winning season has even the most die-hard Bills fans on edge. One thing is for sure, Russ Brandon is going to have to whip up a big, potent batch of kool-aid this offseason in order to get fans back on board for the 2013 season.
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