Gailey Nixed

By Achilles  |   Monday, December 31, 2012  |  Comments( 6 )

Buffalo Bills
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Chan Gailey is the latest of (insert name here) Buffalo Bills coaches that have tried and failed since the Buffalo last went to the playoffs 14 years ago. But really is that when the futility at 1 Bills drive started or, was it well in motion at the dismissal of Bills then GM Bill Polian and the early self directed exit of John Butler? One doesn't have to think very hard to see Butler saw some writing on the wall, leaving an extremely successful franchise and highly rabid fan base for the clear blue waters of San Diego and what most football insiders would consider a highly suspect and marginally talented San Diego Charger team. Think about it a little, why would Butler, man in Charge, extremely well respected in the community and who has what many would consider a 10 best football franchise? It's not hard to answer, he had a problem with his bosses. One asks, who's in charge at one Bills and for those of us willing to look a grown man in the eye, would have to say, Ralph. Mr. Wilson with all due respect is where the buck stops. Hiring firing, this club is his. He owns it. That means it's his. And what Ralph Knows is that he's going to keep bein the exact way he has always been. Ralph knows best what's good for Ralph and I think it's painfully obvious Superbowls aren't what the man needs. He needs petting. Lots. To the point where good men who know football, won't bother with him. Ralph Wilson's man in charge at 1 Bills drive is a marketeer. Period. Who at 1 Bills has the capacity to win a Superbowl? Consider this, I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of Bill fans, believe many of the men in the Bills organization and players on the team are "good men". I think most root hardest for these men. It's not hard to do. Consider Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brilliant beyond my mind, great team-mate, sturdy leader,...can't throw the ball accurately and knows it. Brilliant guys know what they are and are not capable of. He tried being a gunslinger, he saw it didn't work. Now he's trying to play Frank Riech QB, unfortunately, it's not good enough. Not in this league. The bottom line is this, whoever the braintrust is in Buffalo, that decided this was the man that deserved to be paid as a Franchise player was SERIOUSLY wrong. That includes Nix, Brandon and the old Man himself. Gailey? If Gailey deserves to go, so does everyone in that room that made that decision. That's just a fact. Was Gailey the man that selected Spiller with the 7th pick because Lynch and Jackson were apparently not capable enough? Was Gailey the man that tossed the bank at a completly washed up Shawne Merriman? Is Gailey responsible for having 1 NFL ready reciever on his team? How bout the one that let WInfield, the Clements, then Greer, go? Only continually draft replacements? Is this a sick joke? Hardly, it's just pathetic. It's an organization that has virtually no clue with what it takes to win. It never has. Look at the record. When it comes to SEASONS since inception, the Bills have one winning season for every two it has losing. The only two guys with Decent Records in the Modern Football era have been Polian, who was unceremoniously dumped and Butler who left on his own volition. The problem isn't Gailey. The problem is systemic. It's at the top. Until the old man wants to win a super bowl, FOR REAL,it aint' happening. And since it's apparent to me that whenever he comes into contact with someone that has what it takes, they seem to turn the other way. I suppose we can say, we lead the league in firing high character coaches.
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