Bills vs the 4 playoff teams

By Goose  |   Tuesday, January 22, 2013  |  Comments( 223 )

Buffalo Bills
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What do the 4 teams left in the finals have?

1-excellent QB's
2-excellent coaches
3-excellent owners
4-excellent front office (stability)

Pats--yes they got lucky with Brady in the 6th round but they still had Bledsoe and they saw something in Brady. Belichick is one of the best ever and Kraft is a top notch owner..

Ravens--Flacco continues to progress and is on the verge of joining the elite, GM Ozzie traded back from the 8th to the 26th spot then traded again to move up to take Flacco--a bold trade for a QB from Delaware St. Excellent GM with Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh is outstanding and Modell was a very good owner and so is new owner Steve Biscotti...

49ers--took Alex Smith #1 overall in 2005 who was progressing every year and really took off when HC Jim Harbaugh was hired. It didn't stop GM Baalke from drafing QB Kaepernick and from Harbaugh form benching Smith (tough decision but they were made)... Baalke and York were stock piling good young players but didn't get over the hump until HC Jim Harbaugh was hired.

Falcons-Matt Ryan fell into their laps in the 08 draft as the Phins picking #1 took Jake Long and the Rams picking #2 took Chris Long. Plus, the Falcons were in disarray with the Mike Vick dog killing cloud hanging over them. Owner Art Blank hired Thomas Dimitroff from the Pats to be the GM and HC Mike Smith from the Jags where he was the DC... All great decisions that brought the Falcons back to prominence.

The Bills have been lacking all of the above since Superbowl era. Of course Ralph Wilson has been the owner since the Bills inception but the losing seasons far outweigh the winning seasons and all the years of meddling took its toll. The Bills haven't been the same since Polian and then Butler scurried out of town. They haven't come close to replacing Kelly whose last season was in 1996. The last winning coach was Wade Phillips in 2000 who was let go or quit and the front office has had its share of bumbling stumbling GM's and subordinates... Is it no wonder that the Bills are bottom feeders we have to hope that Brandon and Nix will make the right decisions but the most pressing need is a QB to build around. I do believe that the Bills are a QB away from being contenders...

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