The Buffalo Gamblers?

By Steve B.  |   Sunday, June 23, 2013  |  Comments( 875 )

Buffalo Bills
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This offseason has been a different one for the Buffalo Bills. It first started back in January when Russ Brandon announced that Ralph Wilson was stepping down and handing control over the Bills to him. Brandon stated he would help lead Bills management in their Head Coaching search after Chan "Cooter" Gailey and his entire coaching staff was fired after the end of the regular season. At the time, former Chicago Bears HC, Lovie Smith was available. Instead of choosing Smith, who was considered a safe pick given the Bears win/loss record under Smith, the Bills decided to roll the dice and hired Syracuse HC, Doug Marrone. The move was and is considered a gamble as Marrone has no NFL head coaching experience.

Next comes the NFL draft. Everyone knew the Bills desperately needed a Quarterback, but the NFL experts stated that none of the QB's in the 2013 draft class were worthy of a 1st round selection. The Bills decided not to use their #8 pick on QB, so they found a trading partner with the St. Louis Rams. With the #16, the Bills took another big gamble and drafted QB EJ Manuel. According to the NFL experts, they felt Manuel would have been available in the 2nd round of the draft. It's very possible the Bills could have traded down again in the 1st round, gained more draft picks, then drafted Manuel, but they decided to roll the dice, place their bets and went with Manuel. Opinions on Manuel vary depending on who you ask.

So, the Bills have gone from hiring cast-offs, and coordinators as their HC, to plucking the college ranks. Also, this was the first time in franchise history that the Bills used their first pick in the draft on a Quarterback. (Trivia question: Who did the Bills select with their first pick in the 1983 draft?) The Bills have decided to take some risks in key areas, but will these risks payoff? Considering what they have been doing over the past 13 years, these gambles are worth a shot.
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