Last Chance to Win One for Ralph Wilson

By anello1960  |   Thursday, May 29, 2014  |  Comments( 834 )

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Despite the fact that Bills owner Ralph Wilson is now deceased, the Bills organization as it stands is still a product of his wishes and has been since the team was founded in 1960. It is still Ralph's team.
As fans we all recognize that the success of the organization is mixed because it has not met our ultimate goal of winning an NFL championship. Yet despite that, a sense of who the Bills are and have been is linked to Mr. Wilson. They are the "Wilson Bills". As a fan I sincerely hoped they could win an NFL championship while Ralph was still the owner. That they could do it "his way", and in some respects "the Bills way".
Soon the team will be sold and begin the process of taking on the wishes, desires and identity of the new owner. The Bills as we knew them will be gone forever along with their founder. While this change may offer fans a promise of greater success and an eventual championship, somehow they will not be the same Bills. Truly this is somewhat sad on some level. Sad that Mr. Wilson and his family may have had great financial success but missed out on the ultimate prize. It is without question that winning a championship was very important to Mr. Wilson. It was a goal that he and his team were not able to achieve.
However, "his" team still has one more chance. Their identity still belongs to Mr. Wilson.
What a story it would make.
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Steve B.
12:44 PM
Thanks for the new article anello! It would have been great for Ralph to win a championship while he was alive. He had plenty of...
01:13 PM
Thanks Nellie... So true about Wilson but the Bills did win 2 consecutive AFL Championships in 64 & 65. Some will say no big...
Steve B.
01:52 PM
I think we're all very grateful to Ralph for putting the team in Buffalo and doing everything he could to keep the team here over...
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