Broncos set to release Clarrett

By Gabriel Bravo  |   Monday, August 29, 2005  |  Comments( 0 )

Denver Broncos
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Although the deadline for NFL teams to cut rosters isn't until Aug. 30, it was officially announced that the Denver Broncos will be releasing running back Maurice Clarrett later this week.

Since the opening of pre-season Clarett has received absolutely no playing time. As a result of the release, Clarett would go into the pool of free agents and would be eligible to a sign a new deal with another team.

Clarett was picked up by Denver in the third round of this year's draft. Clarett was coming off of a troubled career as the former Ohio State starting running back. In 2003, Clarett got in trouble with the law and was suspended from playing at the collegiate level. In the interim, Clarett controversially attempted to violate NFL regulations and enter into the draft early. He was rejected by the NFL, and as a result, sued in federal courts to become eligible but lost that case. Clarett sat out the 2004 Buckeyes season as the center of controversy again, when he accused head coach Jim Tressel of arranging passing grades, as well as cars and money for bogus summer jobs.

He was a bust at the NFL scouting combine and most thought he would be a low draft pick, if a draft pick at all. The Denver Broncos, who have a history of producing great runners from deep in the draft, surprised many by picking him in the third round.

Before the 2005 draft Clarett was clocking terrible times at the compound and weighing in well above his normal playing weight. Early in training camp Clarrett injured his groin and missed nearly two weeks of practice. His teammates and coaches stopped defending him to the media as the missed practices began to pile up and his commitment to rehabilitating the groin became questionable. Clarett was listed fifth on the running back depth chart behind Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell, Quentin Griffin, and Ron Dayne.
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