Jaguars must protect the football against the Broncos

By Sheila King-Jeffcoat  |   Saturday, October 01, 2005  |  Comments( 0 )

Denver Broncos
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Mike Shanahan and his Denver Broncos are hoping that they will not have a repeat of the last time they met Jack Del Rio and his Jacksonville Jaguars at Alltel Stadium. On their last trip there, the Denver Broncos lost the game 7-6.

Last week, against the New York Giants, Jaguars' quarterback Byron Leftwich threw 23 passes, completing 16 of them for 177 yards. Although he took a pounding from the Jets' defense, he was still able to throw two touchdown passes, one being a 36 yard touchdown pass to veteran wide receiver Jimmy Smith during overtime, to win the game for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Denver Broncos' quarterback Jack Plummer also did well against his team's most recent opponents, the Kansas City Chiefs. He completed 13 or his 18 passes for 152 yards. He threw one touchdown pass. He also ran for a one-yard touchdown. Wide receiver Mike Anderson rushed for 98 yards, also resulting in a touchdown for his team.

The match-up between these two teams is sure to be exciting. Both teams are playing strong. The team who can hold onto the ball, and the team who ultimately has less turnovers in this game, is likely to be the team who takes home the victory.
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