No Daunte Stallworth for a year

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What the state of Florida did was a joke, what Roger Goddell did yesterday was something that Florida was too scare to do, punish Donte Stallworth to the fullest extent of the law. Now granted Donte will be back in the NFL in 2010, but it could be with a different team. There's talks that Cleveland could outright release him since he won't be available for a year, and the Browns does need a roster space.

All this happened back in April when Donte Stallworth made the biggest mistake in his life; Got drunk and instead of calling a cab, or getting a friend to take him home, he drove himself home, and killed an innocent man. What's bad was instead of helping him, he drove off like a coward in the night. What outrage me was two things: One the Reyes family took a quick settlement from Donte Stallworth and told the prosecutors not to be harsh on Donte. If Donte had killed me that morning, my family would be breathing down the DA's neck to make sure Donte is prosecuted, and would take everything that Donte have in Civil court.

Second was this law that stated that Mr. Reyes caused himself to be killed by jaywalking, which as a result downgraded the DUI manslaughter to simply being stupid behind the wheel. Those lawmakers might wanna change that law since it's the stupidest piece of law I've ever read, or heard. As a result, Donte Stallworth got only 30 days in jail, and was release 24 days later. What's outrage is he spent less than 4 weeks in jail by killing a man who will never live to celebrate another birthday.

In steps Roger Goddell; he knows that the nightmares that the NFL will have If he let Donte Stallworth play this season. He would have gotten letters, protesters from Victim's familes, and surviors of drunk driving accidents. And let's don't forget the MADD, SADD, and any other anti drunk drivers protesting the NFL Headquaters as well as Cleveland Browns training camp, practice facilties, and the stadium itself. Roger knows that Florida was too lenint on Donte Stallworth and thought the law was a joke, so Roger decided no football for Donte in the NFL for 2009.

What does the future hold for Donte Stallworth? Well he'll be broke eventually, but I won't feel sorry for him. Maybe he'll take the time to go to all the schools in America, and let teenagers know the dangers of drunk driving, and how your future could be shook up with one drink, and one bad decision. If he is as remorseful as he claims to be, then he need to check into AA, and clean up. If he still wants to play football, the CFL could always use a wide receiver like him. Remember Ricky Williams?

I don't feel bad for Donte Stallworth like I did with Michael Vick because he hadn't really served time like Michael Vick did. Maybe he can redeem himself when he sobers up, in the meanwhile for those who going to miss Donte Stallworth, you can always see him on Madden 10.
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