Bucs Thrashed by Panthers---Again

By dantes_pain  |   Friday, December 30, 2011  |  Comments( 1 )

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Sunday found the Buccaneers mired in a lopsided affair. Needless to say, those Bucs were receiving yet another thrashing at the hands of their division foe, the Carolina Panthers. The Cam Newton led Panthers wasted no gift offered by the Bucs, in the form of four turnovers, and lighting up the scoreboard all afternoon. The final score was 48-16. In the last four games alone, the Bucs have been outscored 158 to 64. These are dark days for the franchise. The Bucs have dropped nine games in a row. The last time the Bucs lost ten in a row was back in 1985, when they finished with a 2-14 record. TB this season is playing much like that old maligned team. What becomes more perplexing is that the Bucs this season actually beat the Falcons and Saints this season. Both teams are playoff bound while the Buccaneers look like a team on a “Suck for Luck” campaign.

The Panthers completed the season sweep against the Bucs. Cam Newton threw for three touchdowns and ran for one. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart pounded the rock through a porous defense, with Williams adding two rushing touchdowns to the tally. Three fumbles and an interception by the Bucs offense cost any chance of keeping pace with the Panther’s O. This is the continuing trend in Tampa these last nine weeks. The Bucs cannot get or make the break to turn the tide. Instead, the tide is capsizing the ship faster than you can say Gasparilla.

In the season finale, the Bucs travel to Atlanta to face off against the Falcons. On the upside, the game will not be blacked out in Tampa. That is the end of the good news. In most scenarios, this will be a whipping. This Tampa team has not showed any sign that it will be in the game. The season has become a complete collapse. Atlanta is a very good home team, led by a strong rushing attack and ability to strike downfield with weapons like Roddy White Tony Gonzalez. Matt Ryan should find ample time to pick apart the decimated defense. The Bucs only hope is if a certain droid finds that jedi in time. The Bucs will finish 4-12 this year. As the season has regressed so fast, the season could not come to a quicker close.

As the season ends, more drama will be swirling around One Buc Place. Raheem Morris and his staff have been sitting on the hot seat for the last few weeks. Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is reporting that Ronde Barber may leave Tampa or retire from football if the head coach is dismissed. The Glazer family will have their work cut out for them. They will need to make the tough decisions that will guide the course of this very franchise for years to come. The Glazers will have to show a true commitment to building a winner in Tampa Bay, whether that means keeping Raheem or not. The Bucs head into Week 17 with questions abound. Hopefully those answers lead to that possibility of post season football in the Bay area once again.
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