Top recruit Crittenton ineligible at Clemson, will attend Memphis

By Marc Hudgens  |   Friday, May 30, 2008  |  Comments( 0 )

Clemson Tigers
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Clemson University’s admissions department informed top Tiger signee Jarrett Crittenton that he won’t be allowed to attend the university. According to the 2008 recruit, the school informed him he made too many D’s and didn’t want him to wrestle in the classroom in spite of meeting the NCAA’s minimum entrance requirements. The JUCO defensive end attended North Dakota State College of Science last year and registered a 'D' in an ethics class.

"They’d rather me just not show up at all than have me come in and struggle to meet the requirements after I’ve been admitted," the four-star end told Larry Williams of the Charleston (S.C.) Post & Courier. "They were thinking the curriculum was going to be too hard for me."

Defensive line coach Chris Rumph, Crittenton’s primary recruiter and former Memphis coach, has arranged for the Fayetteville, Ga., native to attend the University of Memphis.

COMMENTARY: This is heartbreaking for Crittenton because he clearly had his hopes set on coming to Clemson. It's not good for Clemson, either, as this follows the news of top receiver recruit Markish Jones, currently a JUCO player, opting not to come to Clemson. Although Memphis is not Clemson, Crittenton should fare very well with Tommy West’s Tigers and Conference USA. And if he plays his heart out and lives up to expectations, there should be no doubts as to a future NFL career.
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