Clemson, FSU to meet in primetime

By Bob Wilson  |   Sunday, January 21, 2007  |  Comments( 4 )

Clemson Tigers
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Clemson's Tommy Bowden better have his team ready to go immediately in 2007.The Tigers open at home against Bobby Bowden's Florida State Seminoles on Labor Day Night in front of a national audience. The game will be carried on ESPN with a primetime 8:00 p.m. kickoff.

So much for the hopes that the Tigers would be able to ease into the schedule while getting their new quarterback, whomever that turns out to be, some experience before the big games. Many Tiger fans had hoped Clemson would open up with a few cupcake opponents, which would allow the team's new signal caller opportunities to get comfortable in the offense.

ESPN is pleased because the "Bowden Bowl" has traditionally been one of the most-viewed matchups on the network. Because Clemson is playing in the Monday night game, it will not have to play a Thursday night game. Tiger fans annually gripe about the Thursday games, because most of the alumni travel several hours to get to Clemson, but that won't be an issue this season.

Although FSU had a down year in 2006, the 'Noles showed up in their bowl game and scorched a solid UCLA defense. The Seminoles always have the athletes to put a great team on the field, and now that Jeff Bowden will not be calling the offensive plays, hopes are once again high. If it can get some consistency from the quarterback position, FSU can once again challenge for the ACC title.

Opening with a big-league game almost guarantees that junior Cullen Harper will start the year under center. It's unlikely Bowden will risk another slow start by throwing out true freshman Willy Korn against the fast FSU defense.

Although the Tigers have won three of the last four contests between the schools and the last two at Clemson, they will have their hands full with the Seminoles. The offense really sputtered down the stretch and the powerful running game will probably go through some growing pains as a new offensive line tries to jell.

There will be a lot of pressure on Tommy Bowden to beat his father. It's likely another mediocre season could ultimately cost him his job.
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Marc H.
11:36 AM
With another 1st year QB like Proctor was last year, coupled with the fact this QB is even less experienced than Proctor was,...
01:53 PM
Yeah, I have to agree. This will be a tough one to win, and most likely we wont. However it will be the first game and at Clemson...
Marc H.
02:12 PM
Exactly, Jon. The only real thing I see going for Clemson is that it's the first game AND against a top team AND on national TV,...
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