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Ah College Football is back, the smell of Tailgating food cooking before the game, the debate of whose going to be number 1, and also whose going where next year. As of last night BYU is going independent in the college football world, while their other sports would join the West Coast Conference in 2011. Along w other developments, the WAC will be down to 6 teams, and heading for extinction. I do have two solutions to save the WAC.
Solution 1 is to add two teams from the FCS division onto the WAC.
I have at least two teams that would be perfect fit for the WAC: Montana, and N. Arizona. Both of those teams have done well in NCAA Division 1 AA for so long now that it's time that they take the next step. Look at Nevada, they came from the FCS division years ago, and have establish as an upcoming team to be dealth with in the NCAA Division 1A. Both Montana and N.Arizona could make the transaction complete in several years, but would be a great add to the WAC.
Solution 2 would be to merge WAC with the MWC; remember how the old WAC was expanded to 16 teams in 5 different time zones? That's how the MWC came about from breaking from the WAC, but I think in order to save the WAC, they must merge with MWC to form a 16 team conference. Now with the new format it would be split in two divisons:
East: La Tech, TCU, New Mexico, New Mexico St., Air Force, Colorado St., Wyoming, and Utah St.
West: Hawaii, San Diego St., Fresno St., San Jose St., Bosie St., Idaho, UNLV, and Nevada.
This solition would give them back the conference title game, get one pimple of the snobby BCS butts, but could be a dangerous force as well. A conference title game could be played at Las Vegas, as well as in Seattle, just to name a few.
Hopefully whatever they decide the WAC should be able to live on.
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