Keepin’ up with the Jones’

By jroc73  |   Tuesday, August 04, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

Dallas Cowboys
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Sure, we 'lost' our explosive wide receiver this year, but he was explosive off the field as well. Now, everyone thinks our new no.1 wide out isn't good enough to replace his production on the field. But, do we really have to rely on one player to take up the slack; Jason Whitten.

has been our true no.1 since Romo's been at the helm anyway, so why will we miss a guy that's all about himself ? Williams, Crayton, Austin and Hurd have some things to prove, not only to us , but to themselves as well. Plus, Marty B has to step up as the no.2 tight end to get the media off his back about a stupid video he made, even though it was just for fun. But ,i think they can do it.

That being said, we still have one of the best running back corps in the league, which should take pressure off the passing game. Barber's a bruiser ,and Choice has proven he could carry the load when needed. Now, we still have our little secret weapon to talk about.

Felix Jones scored a touchdown on his first carry in the NFL. I don't think Emmitt, Tony D. or Herschell did that. Before you say anything, I'm not saying Jones is now ,or ever will be,in the same category as those guys. That has yet to be proven. However, Jones has the home run ability that Daboys' offense needs. He showed it in the running game and on special teams last year. When used correctly, Felix "The Cat" Jones can be as big of a threat as T.O. ever was. Besides, he can actually hold on to the ball. His speed alone is enough to keep the defense honest, and open up the passing game. A two yard dump can become an eighty yard touch down in seconds. Put him in the back field, start him in motion or line him up in the slot, and watch the defense follow him all over the field, all for nothing. I can't think of any DB that can keep up with him stride for stride. So, let's make it Felix "The TD Cat" Jones.

All we need is a little luck on the injury front ,and this year's team has what it takes to be a Super Bowl contender, even with out Mr. Ego. So, the R H G( red head genius) needs to let the "TD Cat" out of the bag.
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