Roy Williams is out of touch

By night1  |   Friday, November 06, 2009  |  Comments( 1 )

Dallas Cowboys
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In case you haven't heard two days ago Roy Williams made a statement stating that he felt shafted by the Cowboys, placing the blame on Tony Romo. His reason was this; everytime the pass comes to him, he can't catch it, but when it's thrown to Whitten, it's a perfect pass. Sounds to me that the Cowboys have another TO on their team.

Yesterday Roy Williams makes another statement saying that one he's not TO, and that his statement was taken out of context. Well let me say after examining those statement from Roy Williams that I come to this conclusion; he's nothing more than a second coming of Terrell Owens.

Roy is blaming Tony Romo for his dropped passes; well Roy I don't think it's Tony Romo's job to throw and catch the ball for you because you got butterfinger for fingers. You wanted to play for a prestigious team in the NFL instead of the Detroit Lions, and you got your wish. Now the reason that Jason Witten is catching more passes than you and is thrown more his way than your way is because Romo knows that Jason Witten isn't going to let him down unlike you Roy. And by the way Roy, how dare you play the race card; Terrell Owens did it last year, although it was funny after the Cowboys lost to the Giants two years in the NFC Divisional playoffs, he was crying at the press table when the press was critizing Romo, and made the infamous statement:"That's my quarterback!" Now a year later he throws Romo under the bus like he did with Jeff Garcia, and Donovan McNabb.

Let me make a friendly suggestion to you Roy; Quit whining like a baby, bust your butt on the practice field by catching, instead of dropping passes, and maybe you can play like a number one receiver instead of #2. Hopefully If the Cowboys continues with their success so far this year, we'll hear more positives from Roy Williams instead of the negatives; that's the reason the Cowboys got rid of Terrell Owens, Do you wanna be next Roy Williams?
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