How the Cowboys can cool down a fired-up McNabb

By Andy Targovnik  |   Wednesday, October 04, 2006  |  Comments( 18 )

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When the Dallas Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, it will be a difficult game for the Cowboys to win. The Philadelphia crowd will be in a frenzy, and be more hostile than any crowd the Cowboys have encountered in a long time.

But even more of a factor than an unfriendly atmosphere is that, due to Donovan McNabb's utter contempt for Terrell Owens, he probably wants to win this game more than any other he has ever played in - including the Super Bowl. This could be a problem.

This past Monday night against the weak Green Bay Packers, early in the game, McNabb stayed in the pocket and often threw the ball short of his receivers.

But then, the ex-Syracuse standout started to make things happen with his legs. Not only did he pick up a couple of key first downs and a pair of scores, but his passing got a lot better, too. When McNabb runs, it appears to trigger something in him that improves his total performance.

"I decided to go back to my style of play," McNabb said, "and if the opportunity is there, take full advantage."

And while McNabb can't throw caution to the wind for 16 games anymore, you can take it to the bank that he'll do whatever it takes to beat T.O.'s Cowboys.

So how can the Dallas Cowboys contain McNabb?

They should rush three players, keep a spy on him at all times, and keep the linebackers in the middle of the field more often than not. As a result, the 'D' won't overpursue, which will not only keep McNabb from running, but it will be easier to contain Brian Westbrook as well.

One reason that this strategy has merit is because the Cowboys' secondary is good enough to contain a beat-up Eagles receiving corps. (Donte' Stallworth's and Reggie Brown's status are unknown at this point.)

That's not to say the Cowboys should never send more rushers after McNabb. They should just pick and choose their spots. Because a long scamper might be the fuel that starts McNabb's fire. And why wake up a sleeping dog?

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07:48 AM
It's Brian Westbrook, not Michael. The Cowboys can spy and QB contain McNabb all they want, he's going to be so hyped to prove...
12:03 PM
When did this become the Eagles/MacNut fan page??? Jason obviously has no clue and no class if he loves Folly. The only way Folly...
01:24 PM
What I find amazing is how the Eagles are getting so much praise. Their numbers are so inflated. Look at the teams they have...
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