Media need to end Dolphins overachiever talk

By Adam Sweeney  |   Tuesday, July 07, 2009  |  Comments( 3 )

Miami Dolphins
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The way some NFL analysts talk about the Miami Dolphins, you'd think the teams the defending AFC East champions beat last year just rolled over and played dead. That simply wasn't the case.

ESPN's James Hasty called the Dolphins the most overrated team in the NFL, explaining that their strength of schedule this year will expose them. Really? Look at the talent on the Dallas Cowboys' roster and tell me that they aren't overrated. ESPN can't get enough of covering them.

The NFL Network's Brian Baldinger said that the Dolphins didn't lose anyone to injury last season. He must have forgot that leading receiver Greg Camarillo went down midseason with a knee injury. And didn't offensive lineman Donald Brown miss 15 games? As far as injuries were concerned last season, the Dolphins were more blessed than some; however, they did have their share of issues. They prevented the dam from overflowing by playing smart football and leading the league in turnover ratio. That didn't happen by accident.

Was an 11-5 record expected? Absolutely not. But you wouldn't say that the 2000 St. Louis Rams overachieved by winning the Super Bowl, would you?

Maybe a few things fell into place for Miami to make its run last year. But that happens to almost all teams that succeed. Thus, the Dolphins should not apologize for it. Injuries and good or bad fortune are a part of sports. Maybe these critics need to start accepting the fact that Miami is turning into a quality organization and that flash isn't all it's cracked up to be. You don't win Super Bowls based on how many times you're mentioned on ESPN. If it worked that way, Terrell Owens would have enough rings to fill both hands. No, the Dolphins are content with being what they are -- a disciplined and focused team. Maybe that makes them underrated, actually.
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Deof Movestofca
06:10 PM
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11:44 PM
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06:53 PM
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