Dolphin for Life: Rob Konrad decides to retire

By Hugo Guzman  |   Monday, May 02, 2005  |  Comments( 0 )

Miami Dolphins
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Rob Konrad has decided to call it quits. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, reported it last night on a local sports show, and now the story has broken on all major media outlets. Konrad, who was drafted by and played his entire career for the Miami Dolphins decided to retire because he has decided that football is no longer fun (his words...not mine).

Rob has a successful career away from football. He is a financial consultant based right here in South Florida and is involved in various off-field community efforts. He was recently signed by the Oakland Raiders, but will not suit up for them. According to Rosenhaus, Konrad should be back home in Miami within the next few days.

I for one am glad that he will be retiring. He was definitely not the most popular Dolphin in history, but the grizzled veteran fullback gave it his all for six seasons. For his career, he gained 114 yards on 38 carries and caught 111 passes for 854 yards...all in a Dolphins uniform. That is becoming more and more of a rarity in this new age of free agency and transient players that move from city to city.

Konrad will be one of those rare exceptions.
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