Green needs another big game in Kansas City

By Adam Best  |   Wednesday, August 15, 2007  |  Comments( 6 )

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Miami Dolphins quarterback Trent Green won't make a big deal about returning to play the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium -- the team he played for, and the stadium he played at for the past six seasons -- tonight. That's simply not his style. He'll downplay the exhibition as just another preseason game.

Don't listen to Green -- this is one of the biggest games of his career.

First off, Dolphins backup QB Cleo Lemon is breathing down Green's neck. Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron stated that there indeed was an open QB competition in Miami, and though many didn't believe him at first it seems he was telling the truth. Green played very poorly during the preseason opener, and he was thoroughly booed by the fans and trashed by the media as a result. It was even widely debated whether he should even start this Thursday, even though he will.

That being said, Green knows that a strong performance by him could close the door on Lemon, while a poor showing could leave the door wide open for a heated QB battle. That's the last thing Green wants, especially after spending all of the spring and much of the summer demanding that the Chiefs trade him to a team he would start for.

Then there's the whole Chiefs aspect. Regardless of what he says or how he acts, there is definitely some animosity between Green and the Chiefs' brass. Both sides feel that the other party acted unreasonably this summer during trade negotiations, something that surely nobody involved has already forgotten. It's also a certainty that the 37-year-old Green wants to prove to everyone in Kansas City, as well as Miami, that he still has something left in the tank.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for Green to start a string of strong play. He knows Arrowhead Stadium better than any other place in the league, and he should be well-received by the fans and be comfortable on the field. He knows the Chiefs' defensive coaching staff and most of the defenders, too, along with their tendencies. This is as good of a chance as any he'll have during the preseason to get back on track and silence critics in one fell swoop.

Playing well is also something Green has to do if he intends on distancing himself from Lemon in the Dolphins' quarterback race. Otherwise, the franchise could be back in familiar territory with gobs of uncertainty surrounding its QB position.

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08:27 AM
>>>Green played very poorly during the preseason opener, and he was thoroughly booed by the fans<<< Just wondering if you read...
09:43 AM
"Booed" I don't think so but in any case Green will start the season opener. Now what happens after that is up for debate.
10:15 AM
Green needs the O-line and the recievers to have a good game. He needs the O-line needs to show up, and the receievers need to...
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