Look at Week 16 matchups when making your fantasy lineup

By Jeff Dickinson  |   Wednesday, December 17, 2008  |  Comments( 2 )

Fantasy Football
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If you're still in the fantasy football playoffs, then that means you've made it all the way to the championship game. Congratulations! Now get your head on straight so you can make out your final (and best) fantasy lineup.

Weeks like this sometimes involve more than simply throwing your normal players out there and hoping for the best. While that philosophy works well most of the time, there are certain situations where you need to pay attention to each player's opponent before deciding on your starting lineup.

You want an example? OK, if you have Adrian Peterson as one of your running backs, it doesn't matter whom the Vikings are playing; you put A.P. in the starting spot and roll with him. However, what if you aren't blessed with Peterson and you have players like Marshawn Lynch or LaDainian Tomlinson, who have struggled at times this season (Lynch has rebounded over the last month, while Tomlinson has still had difficulty)? That's when you pay close attention to the opponent of each player on your team to see which matchups might produce the most points.

Here are some tips as you ponder your final fantasy lineup:

1. Look for a player who is facing the Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams or Cleveland Browns. These three teams are inept on offense and defense, and a quarterback, running back or wide receiver who is facing them will probably have a big day.

2. Unless you have the Ravens or the Steelers on defense/special teams, you may want to pick up a free agent 'DST' that is facing one of the three aforementioned teams. Detroit plays New Orleans, the Rams face San Francisco and the Browns battle Cincinnati -- never mind that one; Cincinnati is as troubled as Cleveland.

3. If you have players on your roster you know you won't use this week (and you don't want to retain for next season in keeper leagues), think about dumping them and picking up a player or two whom your opponent might be interested. You might want to grab 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill, who is up against the hapless Rams and will probably have a solid performance. You might also want to add the DSTs of San Francisco or New Orleans because they are facing the pitiful Rams and Lions this week. Even if you don't use them, it will prevent your opponent from doing so.

Good luck in your quest to be crowned champion.
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