Fantasy Football: Onan’s Top 10

By John Onan  |   Thursday, August 04, 2005  |  Comments( 0 )

Fantasy Football
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The popularity of NFL fantasy football is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems like everyone is a member of a league somewhere. With league drafts coming up, here are my top 10 fantasy football player makers.

1- LaDainian Tomlinson: This San Diego Chargers gem is the best all around running back in the NFL. Equally potent running with or catching the ball out of the backfield. He is perennial 1,500 yards rusher and is extremely durable. LaDainian Tomlinson has missed only one game in his first four seasons.

2- Peyton Manning: The Indianapolis Colts signal caller is the only quarterback I would consider taking this high. He had a record setting season in 2004. May not break the record again, but 40 TD Passes and 4000+ yards are attainable goals. Peyton Manning has tons of weapons at receiver and running back plus he's as close to automatic as it gets at QB.

3- Shaun Alexander: Signed, sealed, and will deliver for the Seattle Seahawks, especially since he's playing for a big contract in 2006. Enjoy the numbers, and be glad you don't have to resign Shaun Alexander at the end of the season (unless you play franchise mode on Madden 06')

4- Deuce McAllister: Just got his big deal from the New Orleans Saints. Don't expect him to get lazy though. He'll have a huge rebound year after battling injuries in 2004. Deuce McAllister is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

5- Priest Holmes: When healthy, he's a cinch to put up big numbers. Pick up Larry Johnson for insurance if possible. The Kansas City Chiefs may run the ball a little more this season since they may have issues at wide receiver. Priest Holmes should have a bounce back year.

6- Terrell Owens: I rank him over all other receivers, including Randy Moss. He is the most dominant WR in the game. Despite the holdout, he'll be out to prove a point to the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL in 2005. He'll be ready to answer the critics as only Terrell Owens can.

7- Jamal Lewis: Before the injuries and off-field problems, this guy was a 2,000 yard rusher. The Baltimore Ravens air attack will be more effective, which will force opposing defenses to play honest and not stack the line. Expect a big bounce back season for Jamal Lewis.

8- Corey Dillon: He'll put up big numbers again for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. He came on strong late in 2004 after sitting and sulking in Cincinnati for most of the previous season. Corey Dillon is one of the most consistent backs in the NFL.

9- Randy Moss: The only other receiver worthy of 1st round consideration. Randy Moss is healthy and will flourish in the Oakland Raiders downfield passing attack.

10- Domanick Davis: The Houston Texans workhorse is the best RB that nobody knows about. This guy has "star" written all over him. You can get Domanick Davis in the second round because he gets very little ink. Was banged up at times in 2004, but he will play through injuries. Look for a breakout NFL season in 2005.
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