Urban Meyer now the SEC’s top paid coach

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Florida Gators
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It was officially announced earlier today that the University of Florida has made Urban Meyer the highest paid football coach in the Southeastern Conference. The university awarded him with a six-year $24 million contract which runs through the 2014 season with him earning $4 million per year.

All Meyer did in four seasons was to win two BCS national championships, a pair of SEC titles along with having a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback while posting a 44-9 record during this span.

By the way, Meyer has posted a 12-1 mark against four of Florida’s main rivals such as Florida State, Georgia, Miami and Tennessee while being the head man in charge.

It was only just a matter of time before the university would go ahead and award Meyer with a nice pay raise as a direct result of his efforts. After all, he is one of very few (formerly Division I-A) coaches who have won a pair of national championships during their first eight years as a head coach.

This feat alone is something that none of the legendary college football coaches such as Bear Bryant, Bo Schembechler, Lou Holtz, Woody Hayes, Tom Osborne, Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno has done during the same point in their careers.

Not only Meyer’s Gators’ have been a champion on the field, but also in the classroom as well. Since winning their second national championship in January, all 13 seniors have earned their degrees along with tying a previous league high of 37 players being named to the SEC’s All-Academic team.

Also as a direct result of Meyer’s efforts, the University of Florida Athletic Association has contributed $17.3 million to the university since his arrival in Gainesville four years ago. He has also made a $1 million contribution to the University’s Florida’s Opportunity Scholars Program which was created by the school’s president Dr. Bernie Machen which will provide assistance to first-generation, financially strapped students who are working towards a college degree.

One thing stands clear, Meyer was very long overdue on this raise and he definitely deserves every dime of his salary and then some. This should quiet any talk of him going to join the Fighting Irish anytime soon.
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