Giant’s Lack Talent at Wideout

By Cakes33  |   Monday, July 20, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

New York Giants
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Ever since Plaxico Burress shot himself and was released by the Giants it seems like the Giants have come close but never quite got over the hump to replacing him by way of trade, even though they tried with teams like Cleveland and Arizona. Unfortunately, this has left the team lacking talent at the wide receiver position.

Steve Smith is coming into his his third season with the Giants and has shown himself to be a very good number two, but his lack of size at 5'11" and 195 lbs. keeps him from being that deep threat that seems to save Eli Manning time and again. Domenik Hixon is a bit bigger, but no where near the size that Plaxico is and not nearly the natural ability to just go up and get it. As far as Sinorice Moss goes, he's definitely not his brother. And when it comes to Hakeem Nicks who knows? He may turn out to be a great number one but until he plays a few games there's no telling.

Hopefully after a whole year of starts, Kevin Boss will be that guy if you need a first down that's who you go to, and even though the Giants lost a great RB in Derrick Ward with there O-line and Jacobs and Bradshaw can carry the load and hopefully take some pressure off the passing game.
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