Eli Man-in the Money

By Rik English  |   Sunday, August 09, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

New York Giants
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Eli Manning is on the verge of becoming the highest paid player annually in the NFL.

The Giants quarterback is reportedly about to sign a deal worth $97 million over the next six years.


Eli's older brother Peyton has won one Super Bowl and has been named NFL MVP on three occasions, as well as being named MVP in a Super Bowl and a Pro Bowl.

Eli also has one Super Bowl to his name, and scooped the MVP whilst ruining the Patriots’ perfect season; although has never been named NFL MVP.

Going into the twilight years of his career, Peyton is earning $14.17 million per year at the Colts.

Baby brother Eli is about to eclipse that figure by $1.13 million.


By offering Eli the deal, the Giants franchise are signaling their intent to keep on building their offense around the quarterback in the hope that he can lead them to more Super Bowls.

Giants’ general manager Jerry Reese hopes Manning will sign the deal that keeps him in New York until 2015.

Reese said at Giants training camp; "Hopefully it (the deal) will be done sooner rather than later."


It took Eli Manning four years to win his first Super Bowl with the Giants.

The Giants are expecting more success and predict that Eli can match and even better the acheivements of older brother and future hall-of-famer Peyton.

If Eli signs, the Giants franchise and their fans are expecting another trip to the biggest show on Earth soon in the near future.
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