Harrington must seize opportunity

By Torrey Johnson  |   Friday, November 04, 2005  |  Comments( 0 )

Detroit Lions
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The quarterback carousel has made another turn in Detroit. It is Joey Harrington who will look to get back on the horse as he was named starter for Sunday's divisional match up with the Minnesota Vikings.

Harrington, the starter through the first five games this season, was benched in favor of backup man Jeff Garcia. Although Garcia provided a small spark into the lackluster Detroit Lions offense and appears to remain the starter as long as he is healthy, Harrington nonetheless needs to make the most this opportunity. It is clear that Harrington is no longer the face and future of the franchise. However, this start will begin the showcase of what Harrington could do for another team.

Harrington will have several advantages on Sunday. Charles Rogers is back from a drug suspension. Roy Williams is likely to play after suffering a grade 3 quadriceps strain. Also, the Detroit Lions have the pleasure of facing the 27th ranked defense in the NFL. Harrington should be licking his chops with the match ups he is given.

From the wide receiver standpoint, whoever is being guarded by Fred Smoot, certainly will not be intimidated. Smoot was beat in every way last week against Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith. Whether it's Charles, Roy, Mike, or even Scottie Vines, they need to take advantage of the porous Vikings' pass defense.

Joey Harrington is presented with a very winnable game come Sunday. It's his for the taking. After all, he has nothing to lose anymore.
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